Sweetheart Fashion is a current beauty, health, fashion, style and lifestyle blog based in the UK. It features regular posts on what I wear, eat, like and do. My twitter feed, pinterest and facebook page are updated daily, with the blog and instagram being updated around every other day.

Sweetheart Fashion displays current content on beauty, health, fashion, style and lifestyle, reviews and opinions. I am happy to consider all PR enquiries, however do reserve the right to accept offers that fit the aesthetic and ethos of the blog and website. Anything I review will continue to receive my honest opinion.

For enquiries on Advertising, Sponsoring, Guest posts, Interviews, etc.
Please feel free to contact me by the filling out the contact form below or through e-mail:

Unless stated otherwise, all photographs on my blog have been taken by me and are owned by Sweetheart Fashion. Photographs on my website, are owned by me if stated, with the use of the Sweetheart Fashion logo watermarked on or present on the picture. If you would like to use one or more of my photographs you may only with the use of a link back to my website, and a mention of Sweetheart Fashion if writing accompanies the picture.

All items of clothing worn by me in photographs are owned by myself after I have purchesed them myself, unless stated otherwise. I offer my honest opinion of them with regards to reviewing the product/item. 
In any view of a product/item/place/event I am offering my personal and honest opinion.

Although studying a nutritional course and having a strong academic background in human biology, all my advice on food, health and nutrition is just my opinion and what I have found works for me. Please consult a professional or your doctor before making any drastic dietary, exercise or lifestyle changes, particularly if you have any health conditions.


  1. You forgot to put that you are an artist in your profile! :)

    1. Thanks, I do love art and painting but I won't say I'm exactly an artist. If you're thinking of my current giveaway, they're painted by the amazing Hannah Farr. You can find her wonderful art here: xoxo


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