Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Planned outfit for romantic meal

On Friday I'm having a romantic meal with my boyfriend for my birthday, so I thought I'd put together an idea for what outfit I could wear using Polyvore:

Birthday meal with boyfriend <3

ASOS dress
£22 -
Tiffany Co bracelet
£405 -
Isabel Marant gold jewelry
£355 -
Oscar de la Renta belt
£365 -
Mac cosmetic
£10 -

I brought the Asos dress and if you've seen my previous posts you'll know I have the gorgeous Tiffany's bracelet thanks to my lucky find in a vintage market. Unfortunately I can only dream of owning YSL heels at the moment as well as that specific blazer, belt and necklace but I plan on wearing items similar. 
I absolutely can't wait and will of course load pictures of my final look from the night as well as from all the other events planned.

What's your favourite outfit for an event?


Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween Inspiration

With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I'd search for some make-up inspiration for the event!
These are some of my favourites! 

I absolutely love the bat eye make-up and dead zombie make-up!

Halloween Inspiration

Vera wang fragrance
£46 -
Graftobian gift sets kit
£11 -
Sparkle nail polish
£4.64 -

What have you got planned for Halloween?

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lace Bandeau Dress

Today I ordered two gorgeous dresses from ASOS for my various birthday events next week. One of them I've made into a set on Polyvore to show you. I got this stunning one for a wondrous price! And I even brought the belt too which was also on sale and all with 10% off too thanks to student discount.

Structured Lace Bandeau Skater Dress

ASOS flared skirt
£18 -

Givenchy black eye liner
£14 -

I'm thinking of wearing the dress for a family meal I'm having, I'll be sure to post pictures after!
I also have a romantic meal with my boyfriend, a wonderful day out and a two nights out with my girls to dress up for so spending a lot on dresses this month!

What's your perfect outfit for a special occasion?


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Friday, 25 October 2013

Autumn Wishlist

My birthday is next month and I know exactly what I'm buying to complete my wardrobe for this season!
These are some of my favourite pieces.

Autumn Wishlist

Black fur collar coat
£55 -
Leather look pants
GUESS by Marciano black leather boots
£120 -
Topshop red handbag
£45 -
Mulberry black glove
£200 -
Woolen hat

I love that fur coats are in this season! So warm and such a luxury look! I particularly like ones like the one I've featured here from Missguided that are leather jackets with a big fur pelt. So chic!

Leather gloves are also so in and I couldn't be happier. They are a timeless classic of elegance and I cannot wait to get a pair of my own! I doubt I'll get some as lovely as the Mulberry ones shown here but there are plenty of gorgeous ones around.

What key pieces are you wishing for this season?


Rouge Romance

Today I discovered a new app called Polyvore which is for the website It is such a great site! It similar to stylefruits (if you've seen that website) but this is far more user/community based and creative as not only are you able to put together outfits, you can completely decorate your page with accessories, backgrounds, images and writing. Just like editing your own page or advert for a high-end magazine! This is my first creation and I can't believe how well it turned out, in such a small amount of time too. It's so pretty!  
I called it Rouge Romance. Definitely my dream outfit for a date or red carpet event!

Rouge Romance

Glass jewelry

Chanel 18 karat gold bracelet

Chanel lipstick

Elie saab dress

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cute Hair Day

I love the end effect from having my hair in rollers! It can take a while but it's so worth it. 
I put in TRESemme volumising mousse while it's still wet to add body and volume, and some S Factor heat defence spray to prevent frizzing. After using my Remington curling volume styler to get a sleek finish, I put my hair in jumbo velcro cling hair rollers. Because my hair's so long I have to use some clips to hold it in place better. 

Jumper - Next

After leaving in for as long as possible, I quickly run my GHD hair dryer over it to make sure it's completely dry and take them out. It's always a good idea to add some TIGI Catwalk volumising hair spray for extra root boost and all day hold.

Products used:

What's your favourite way to style your hair?


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Leather and Lace

Perfect outfit this autumn is a leather and lace combination. Lace is a timeless classic and leather is definitely this season's must-have! Leather is so in this season but if you're a girlie-girl like me and don't want to look too tomboy and just chic, add some feminine lace. The perfect mix of feminine and chic.

Leather Jacket - River Island
Lace top - Primark
iPhone 5 cover - Ted Baker

Keep the lace colours pale and neutral for a contrast whilst keeping it chic and minimal. Patterns or bright colours may be overpowering. Floral or autumnal patterns in pale or neutral colours you could get away with too though. I also like to wear my hair down in loose curls for an added feminine look, with minimal make-up and a little smokey eyes.

Leather Jacket - River Island
Lace top - Hollister
Jeans - River Island
Boots - Marks and Spencer
iPhone 5 cover - Ted Baker

You could also finish the look as I have with some sleek black skinny jeans, or leather look ones if you have some, as well as some biker-esque or studded ankle boots.

What do you combine with your leather jacket?

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Organic Fruit

Something to brighten my Monday mornings, is my wonderful Abel and Cole deliveries!
I'm a major organic lover. After all my biology lectures and taking a home learning course in my spare time in nutrition, I'm always so concious about what I put in my body and I really think organic is the way to go. Sometimes the prices are way too high and it's not always possible to find organic products but I use them as much as I can, where I can.

Fruit - Abel and Cole
Over flowing fruit bowl from today's delivery

Using Abel and Cole has been a really big help for me. Delivered straight to you, they have such a wide range of products, far more than just the usual fruit and vegetables one normally thinks for organic food. They do dairy and eggs, baked good, ready meals like pizzas and, if you eat meat (I'm a vegetarian), they have a wide selection of organic meats too. Where possible it comes from locally sourced farms as well.

Juice - Organic Orange juice from Abel and Cole

They also do drinks as well as household items such as hand washes and cleaning products. They regularly give you free items too! Above is a picture of a free orange juice they gave us once! I've also received eggs, garlic and a bottle of white wine free before, to name a few.

Box - Fruit box from Abel and Cole

What food do you eat to try stay healthy?
I highly recommend these, they are such a lovely, friendly company and reasonably priced too.

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Prada Glasses

Working hard or hardly working? Don't lots of uni work today and what better way to work than in style! I sometimes wear glasses and I couldn't resist buying these gorgeous Prada glasses! I have two different Prada styles and this is just two pictures of one of them. They're so comfortable and definitely worth it!

Glasses - Prada
Watch - DKNY

I coupled this with bed-head hair and minimal make-up. A little eye-liner and mascara on my eyes, some blush, with pretty pink lip gloss.

Glasses - Prada

Do you have glasses? What's your style?

Monday, 14 October 2013

Effortless Beauty

Sorry for not posting in a week, I've been very busy. To come back, I thought I would show you today's Outfit Of the Day. I decided to go for 'Effortless Beauty' look today. Most people would simply chuck on a hoody and trackies if they wanted to wear something comfortable. But this is a brilliant alternative! An easy pair of skinny jeans/jeggings, coupled with a loose plain blouse. Whilst keeping comfort, this monochrome simple combination enables you to achieve a highly effortless, chic look, which is very in this season! You could easily wear just some comfy flats, but I decided to go for some chic 'biker'-esque boots.

Top - Dorothy Perkins
Skinny Jeans - River Island
Boots - Marks and Spencer
Watch - DKNY
Phone - iPhone 5 with Ted Baker case
Bangle - Tiffany & Co.

Like the Olsen twins, you could finish the look with a middle parting, messy bed head hairstyle. Or, as I chose, to have loose curls. I used my TIGI curling wand to curl my hair like this, it's so easy to use and has great results! I also chose to go with minimal make-up. Slightly smokey eyes, with light lipstick and only a little blush to round off the 'effortless' look.

Top - Dorothy Perkins
Skinny Jeans - River Island
Boots - Marks and Spencer
Watch - DKNY
Phone - iPhone 5 with Ted Baker case
Bangle - Tiffany & Co.

I chose to wear a baggy, mid sleeve, black woollen cardigan over the top for extra warmth in this cold weather and unfortunately, a large umbrella as it quickly started to rain.

How do you achieve your effortless beauty look?


Friday, 4 October 2013

A Ray of Sun

After all the rain we've been having lately, it was nice to have some sun for a change! For my outfit of the day, I wore this elegant blouse from Zara's S/S 2013 collection this summer. It's one of my favourite pieces from their summer collection and I'm so glad I brought it. Although very 'spring' looking, the flowers can still lend well to a sunny autumn day. I love that it's baggy, but so light and delicate that it's still very flattering on your figure. 

Top - Zara
Bangle - Tiffany & Co.
Trousers - River Island
Boots - Marks and Spencer

These are my best River Island leggings. Although a little big on me now, they're still comfy and very flattering. Currently they're my only black trousers so I wear them quite often. They're so versatile, they're great we a leather jacket and boots for the day, right through to a glamorous blouse and heels for a meal out and cocktails. Today I mixed with my floaty blouse and casual ankle boots from Marks and Spencer for a sophisticated, casual day look.

Bangle - Tiffany & Co.

Also featured in the first picture is my new Tiffany & Co. bangle. For those of you fabulous people that follow my Sweetheart Fashion Instagram account, you will know that yesterday I went to another vintage market, briefly between lectures, and stumbled across this sterling silver beauty! The man was selling it for just £9! All because again, as I've mentioned in previous blog posts, he didn't do his research and had no idea what Tiffany jewellery was, let alone it's worth! Total bargain ;) A very lucky find!


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Cute Plait Hairstyle

I thought today I was having a bit of a bad hair day and the weather's awful, so I thought I would just chuck something on and put my hair to one side. In the end I went with a cute, messy plait. They're so quick and easy to do and most of all, they give great results! I ended up getting loads of compliments for how good it looked.

Lipstick - MaxFactor
Jumper - Next

The best way to achieve a messy plait is actually to have one of the three segments a different size so that as you're plaiting, the plait twists round on itself as you can see most clearly in the middle of mine. Then, top it off with the equivalent of back combing by pulling at each plait a bit to puff it out and give it more volume.
I left a long 'tassel' at then end to keep most of my length and again keep it casual. My hair naturally curls into a pretty ringlet, you could curl yours if you don't have a natural curl, or leave it straight.
I finished it off with a 'nude' hairband, some TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece - Massive Shine Hairspray and Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick - English Rose for an extra cute girlie finish.

What's your go to hair style for a bad hair day? 

You can buy my hairspray and lipstick from Amazon:

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Zara Autumn Florals

Today I thought I would continue with another bright autumn outfit and wear my new stunning Zara trousers. These are from their new season, A/W '13 collection and I can't get over how beautiful they are. This autumnal floral pattern is perfect for autumn, keeping a joyful spring-like floral pattern in wonderful autumnal colours.

I'm totally in love with Zara's new collection. There are so many beautiful pieces, I totally want to buy everything. It's going to be my birthday in a month so I think I know where I'm going to spend some birthday money ;)!

Trousers - Zara
Shoes - Call it Spring

I coupled this again with my new Call it Spring shoes. Having brown shoes rather than black, gives it a nice neutral tone for the autumn weather. I also wore a pretty white blouse from Dorothy Perkins and a coat from Jack Wills.


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