Monday, 19 May 2014

Summer Wanderlust

My exams are finally over and I'm back to blogging. Thank you for your patience.
Now it's at last my summer holidays and I definitely have the travel bug! You may have seen from my twitter that I've booked a cruise but it's not for long. I'm saving up to go on a major trip next summer after I graduate. But I so wish I had the money to go to lots of places! I adore to travel and despite the many places I have been there are so many places left I wish to see.

The wandlust style is very in this summer too. It's a hippie meets bohemian chic, festival style. It's easy to see why this style is so desirable. It's a dreamy, wonder that emanates freedom and peace.


Tysa tie halter top
£130 -

Crop dress
£29 -

Forever 21 tye dye tank top
£8.21 -

Blue life
£150 -

Maaji bandeau top

Travel bag

£30 -

Charm pendant
£8.92 -

Tech accessory
£21 -

Poetic Wanderlust round serving platter
£30 -

Yellow home decor
£8.92 -

Are you off somewhere this summer?
Where are you going? Or dream of going?


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