Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Summer Scent ~ Laura Ashley's Emma Perfume

Sweetheart Fashion Laura Ashley Perfume
Perfume - Laura Ashley

I must admit, I do love a great perfume. But then again, who doesn't? I honestly believe that one's scent is important, for men and women. It's something you strongly and quickly associate with someone and can stay with you for years. Which is why it's a good idea to find a signature scent, one that really works for you and the chapter of your life you're in. My favourite scent changes over the years but every time I go back to them or catch them for a moment, I am instantly transported back to that place and time.

Sweetheart Fashion Laura Ashley Perfume
Perfume - Laura Ashley

The scent I'm loving at the moment is this one, Emma by Laura Ashley. It was a gift and has been my favourite since its release around Christmas but it's still going strong. It's a gorgeous and powerful, unique scent and not akin to any other that I could compare it to.

It's a mature, feminine scent with a light floral overtone, which blends beautifully to your own scent creating a truly individual signature for each person. 

It comes in this classic and chic style bottle which I love and I like to keep mine in it's box often to travel with me in my handbag. Its size fits nicely in your palm so it's comfortable to spray and small enough to carry. The bottle lasts a long time too. I required a new little bottle of this after a fabulous nine months, and I use my perfume a lot.

What's your favourite scent at the moment?


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Monday, 28 July 2014

Top SS'14 Vegan Fashion Buys

Top SS'14 Vegan Fashion Buys

Hei Hei faux leather jacket
£110 -

Free People jacket
£245 -

Free People vest
£82 -

Free People black sandals
£87 -

Leather shoes

TOMS white shoes
£32 -

Evening shoes
£26 -

Short boots
£32 -

High heels stiletto
£25 -

TOMS yellow shoes
£41 -

Strap sandals
£28 -

Print flat
£18 -

Sole Society pink purse
£35 -

Crossbody handbag

Pink handbag
£29 -

Pink purse
£21 -

Evening handbag
£29 -

Sole Society red purse
£24 -

Red purse

Free People collar necklace
£28 -

Lips makeup
£8.83 -

Too Faced Cosmetics lips makeup
£13 -

Urban Decay waterproof eyeliner
£12 -

Some of you will know from my previous posts that I'm slowly transitioning to being a vegan after being a vegetarian for around a year now and it's more than just diet. Vegan is where you don't use any products that have come from animals; with food this means additionally to a vegetarian diet, food that uses milk, gelatin, etc. are off the menu, but this extends to products too such as silk and leather. I'm always keen to be animal friendly and therefore using products that haven't involved the suffering of animals is a clear choice. Here I've put together this season's must-have vegan/animal friendly buys.

Vegan often has negative connotations with being cheap quality and for tree-hugging crazy people. But with many celebrities paving the way, vegan, animal-free fashion is becoming more and more popular and fashion forward. You don't have to spend a lot to get a good quality vegan item either now. It's becoming so mainstream that many shoes and bags for example cost just the same as any other high-street alternative. In my set here I've added some pieces to splash out on, but most of them are affordable high-street prices to show what great items there are on a budget.

I love the bags in particular! There are so many beautiful ones to choose from that you'd have no idea weren't real leather. I think Fashion Conscience's purple tote might have to be my next purchase.

There are even many cosmetics that are vegan too. I usually buy my beauty products from Body Shop which are not tested on animals but it's worth looking around for some actual vegan products. I've found a lot on Etsy but here I've found Too Faced do some vegan products too.

Which is your favourite?
Are you vegan?


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Thursday, 24 July 2014

OOTD - Floral Maxi Dress

Sunglasses - Gucci
Necklace - BlackTied*
Dress - River Island

This is one of my favourite maxi dresses from River Island's SS'13 collection last year. I adore the maxi floral pattern and colours. I wore this dress last year on my holiday to Rome, coupled with a shawl or bolero it makes an ideal outfit for visiting religious buildings.

Sunglasses - Gucci
Necklace - BlackTied*
Dress - River Island

The dress has powerful patterns so I completed the outfit with minimal accessories and my hair down in loose curls. But you have a wide scope for accessorising  this outfit. It's far too hot today for a cardigan but a kimono would look great and small feathers or flowers in your hair as well. I also wore minimal, natural looking make-up for this look to draw all attention to the stunning dress, but there are so many rich colours you could pick out for eye shadow etc. and have a lot of fun with it.

Sunglasses - Gucci
Dress - River Island
Shoes - Marks and Spencer

I love the light, floaty fabric, despite it being a very long dress it isn't heavy at all and you don't get too hot in it. I'm a big fan of maxi dresses, there's a lot of pressure on us to wear increasingly revealing clothes at summer and sometimes it's nice to keep a little more covered and wear a dreamy, light outfit.

Do you love maxi dresses too?


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*worked in collaboration with this brand but they did not gift me this item and all my views about it are honest and my own

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

New Season Collection Ted Baker AW'14

Ted Baker AW'14

Last week Ted Baker released exciting live footage from their catwalk and images of their new AW'14 Collection and now a lot of their work is available! There's a range of stunning florals in perfect Ted Baker fashion and chic, feminine designs; all with gorgeous silhouettes and attention to detail. After lusting after all the pieces in the collection, I've finally been able to narrow it down to the key main pieces to show off the very best of the designs. Here are my favourite pieces from the collection:

I think the best piece would have to be the scarf cape. Kimonos are really in this season and this light and truly stunning scarf cape design makes it an ideal summer accessory. You could wear it for any occasion, from casual such as by the beach to formal such as a wedding. It's for sure going to be my next purchase!

Insider intel' has revealed that these are already their bestsellers, and you can definitely see why!

Which is your favourite?

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Personalised Cake Review with Baker Days*

It can be really difficult to find the ideal cake for an occasion. Do you buy a generic store cake that you never really like the design of or do you splash out and get one made bespoke for the occasion but that will only last a week tops?

With* you can have the best of both. You're able to have a bespoke picture cake delivered to your door for a great price and it lasts for 14 days. 

This is the cake that I ordered. I got a photo 'letterbox' cake with my blog's logo printed onto the icing. The design completely surpassed my expectations! I would have been happy with just a box picture of it in the middle but they really went the extra mile. They continued the stripped background to cover the whole cake and then used beautiful matching artwork to design the pattern around the cake's base.

'Letterbox' cakes are very small at just 5" but are ideal size really. They make a great gift to surprise someone because they fit through (most) post boxes and because they come in the adorable tin inside the postage box they don't get damaged upon delivery either. They and their 7" party cake come with candles (as seen in top picture) too, which was a lovely surprise and they even add in a lovely card.

The design wasn't at all pixellated either. I was a little concerned, especially with ordering a letterbox size one, that the design quality would be lost, but as you can see from the pictures the colour quality and details weren't diminished at all.
You can send in any picture and it'd look great on it but they also have such a wide variety of designs to choose from too for all possible occasions.

All cakes are default on Sponge Cake flavour, but for a little extra, the cakes are also available in chocolate, fruit, 1/2 chocolate with 1/2 vanilla, and for those with allergies there's Gluten or Wheat free, and for those with allergies or who are vegan, there's even Dairy free! I was really pleased to see this wide range of options and variety. It can be so difficult to find these types of cakes that actually look and taste nice. 
In my slow conversion to being vegan, I'm looking forward to trying the dairy free one next.

Here I've tried the vanilla/sponge flavour and I was amazed at just how yummy it was. The flavour is really fantastic and certainly not dry. Even if you cannot eat it on the first day, they really mean it when they say that it stays fresh for 14 days. The taste quality is not lost at all.
I'm quite a stickler for cake tastes. I love that this one wasn't greasy at all, wasn't too moist or too dry and the icing layer was the ideal thickness. The letterbox one I ordered was too small to have a cream or jam layer inside but it still tasted great.

I'll definitely be ordering a large party cake, which comes with a free cake slicer, for my next party! And I'd love to try their cupcakes! They come with a free, cute 2 tier stand as well.

The Scores:
Flavour: 9/10 - Really yummy and 'more-ish'. A lot better than most store bought cakes and as not too sweet and not too dry either. The icing is just the right thickness too and it's not at all greasy. 
You don't feel too naughty having a slice of this cake!
Design: 8/10 - the printed designs are really great quality. The only thing missing is that you wouldn't be able to have sugar designs such as 3D shapes on the cake and therefore may not suit every occasion such as a wedding.
Uniqueness: 9/10
Would you recommend to a friend?: Yes!

I'll genuinely be telling my friends and family about these cakes and be sending some letterbox cakes for future birthdays and events. Being at uni and with friends and families living further and further apart these days, I can find it hard to see them as often as I'd like and make it to every event. These personalised cakes are a unique and novel way to show them that you care and are thinking about them on their special day.

You can find your perfect cake here:

Have you tried one? Which is your favourite?

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*working in collaboration with this brand, they gifted me the items in this post for the purposes of a review but and all my views are honest and my own.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

SS'14 Floral Garland Trend

Floral Garland - Missguided
Ring - Topshop

Floral garlands are the PERFECT summer accessory! Whether you're wearing it to a festival, in the park, on the beach, or a summer event, they are definitely this season's must-have! I am absolutely in love with mine from Missguided, this is by far the best and biggest one I've seen but there is one ideal for every outfit in different sizes and shades.

Floral Garland - Missguided
Bracelet - Market Stall in Rome

I coupled mine with my lush maxi dress from (you can read my post about it HERE) for a real boho look and feel to it. An outfit like this is an ideal cute, summer look. But it would also look great with a maxi skirt and cropped top or top and shorts for example.

 Floral Garland - Missguided

 I love the colours with this piece! It's so big and looks really realistic so makes a great statement piece. That's why I chose to go with subtle jewellery and a non-patterned dress so that all attention is drawn to the flowers. I feel a flower garland like this one goes with any colour outfit too. The stunning but subtle tones and pink hues of the flowers makes it blend nicely with any colour scheme.
 Floral Garland - Missguided
Bracelet - Market Stall in Rome
Necklace - Blacktied*
Shoes - Marks and Spencer

Here is a selection of some of the best flower garland's I've found online (including mine!), which is your favourite?

Do you have a flower garland? How have you styled yours? Send me your links!


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*working in collaboration with these brands but they have not gifted me any items and all my views are honest and my own.

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