Monday, 24 February 2014

Review - Max Factor Lipfinity

Last week I posted a picture of my mini make-up haul on my Sweetheart Fashion Instagram and within a week it's become my (very close) 2nd all time liked picture! I really appreciate it, so thought I'd do a little blog post about one of the items featured and expand into a little bit of beauty blogging along side my usual fashion blogging.

I've chosen to write about Max Factor's Lipfinity range. This is a definite must-have product! I remember when this type of product was first released in my early teens and even then I knew I had to own at least one. It's the absolute perfect blend of lipstick and lipgloss! 

Sweetheart Fashion wearing Max Factor Lipfinity
Wearing Max Factor Lipfinity - 030 Cool

You use the first to add the colour which is like a matte lipgloss. It dries almost instantly to your lips to give high definition colour, the same as with your fresh lipstick. But honestly, it lasts!! Unlike lipstick where  it comes off on everything your lips touch, because of its powerful drying time, it stays like a lipstain but keeps a clean finish.

(Here's the picture that's caught everyone's attention: )

Max Factor Mini Make-up Haul and Vogue
Max Factor Mini Make-up Haul

You then add the gloss as you would a moisturising lipbalm and your lips are transformed to a glossy, sexy, lipgloss effect finish. All that comes off now would maybe be a faint mark like clear lipbalm, but definitely no colour! You can then reapply the gloss throughout the day. It's also non sticky too, just silky, so perfect if you were hoping for a kiss ;) Plus you don't need to apply heaps to get the fabulous effect. It's very tempting with lipgloss to lay it on very thick, but with this, you only have to do one layer and you have just as glossy finish.

It's ideal for everyday use, particularly if you know carrying a mini mirror or finding the time to delicately keep reapplying lipstick would be tricky. It's easy to just whip out your balm pen and reapply the gloss, no mirrors, no mess!
Also, if you go for less natural shades and more show-stopping colours, its perfect for that night out or meal out! No embarrassing lipstick stains on your glass, no faded or patchy colour and no running to the bathroom when you can to keep reapplying.
Your lips stay fabulous all day and all night long!

What's your favourite lip product?


Friday, 21 February 2014

OOTD - Faux Fur

Sadly, it's still winter, it's unbelievably cold and windy most days and the rain never likes to leave for long. But, it is a great excuse to get out your favourite winter accessories and accessorise!
Today I'm wearing my absolutely gorgeous winter coat with faux fur pelt from M&S. I feel like a I'm from a scene of Downton Abbey wearing it because it's so long and the faux fur's so big. Very 1920's glam. 

Hat - Topshop
Sunglasses - Gucci
Coat - M&S
Jumper - H&M
Jeggings - M&S
Boots - M&S

As you can see the wind got my hair all over the place but I tried to work it and although not recommended in windy weather, I wore my Topshop hat for extra class. I like to usually wear my black jeans with this black coat but it is quite sunny so decided to wear my brighter patterned jeggings. I wore my casual ankle boots as it is a day look rather than evening but they still have a heel which I think is really needed with a long coat like this to give you extra height and not drown you.

Hat - Topshop
Sunglasses - Gucci
Coat - M&S
Jumper - H&M
Jeggings - M&S
Boots - M&S

I wore my hair down and I curled it into loose romantic curls which I think really complement the look. For my make-up, I chose some deep pink lipstick, again for extra glam.

This HAS to be my favourite coat! It keeps me so warm and I feel so fabulous in it. The quality is amazing but obviously with M&S, with their quality comes price too so if this is out of your price range have no fear, there are lots of coats similar on the high street but even if you're struggling, you can always buy a long coat and the faux fur pelt separately. 

What's your favourite coat?


Thursday, 20 February 2014

OOTD - Interview

So finally able to blog again! Got so much catching up to do! I have loads of posts planned. 
First off, yesterday I had an interview about my dissertation and thought I'd show you what I chose to wear. It's so important to make a good first impression! I wanted to be dressed smartly to show that I mean business. What I want to do is very challenging and will require a lot of extra and hard work, I wanted to show from the outset that I am conscientious. But, this is after all a university, they don't expect you to be wearing your best business dress and heels like you would do for a job interview so it needs to be on the more casual side of 'smart casual'.

Shirt - Jack Wills
Under-top - M&S
Skinny Jeans - River Island
Ankle Boots - M&S

I decided to go with this, my favourite Jack Wills shirt (with M&S under-top so as to not be too revealing or require studious shirt buttoning), River Island skinny jeans and my casual ankle boots.
I coupled this with a long black coat, H&M scarf and of course my Accessorize bag and Ted Baker iPad case. 

For my hair, as you can just about see, I wore it down in its natural loose curls/waves. It was horrid weather outside so there was little point in spending ages on it for it to get ruined and this way any rain on it would only add to the style rather than kill it. I wore simple make-up too, trying to keep it as natural as possible. I wore just a peach/gold lipstick to give my lips a natural glow and a simple liquid eyeliner on my top lid with mascara on my eyes. Enough to be pretty and presentable without being over the top.

All this made me feel confident and ready to take on the interview, which in the end, went really well.

What's your interview style?


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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Splurge vs Save Valentine's Heels

I love reading these Splurge vs Save collections in mags and blogs. I'm always so surprised at how similar some high street items are to high fashion items and how sometimes you can't even tell the difference for the expensive and affordable items! It's great for finding some gorgeous items to splash out on or a dream item at an affordable price.
It's not long until Valentine's Day now! Here's my favourite heels for the day, I created on Polyvore .
I think I love the ones on top left most from Forever 21, they look so expensive! Can't believe they're only £22. If I had the money, I'd definitely buy the white Casadei pointy toe pumps from Harvey Nichols. How stunning are they?!

Valentine's Day Splurge vs.Save Heels

Casadei leather pumps
Boohoo high heel pumps
£34 -
Gucci platform pumps
Platform shoes
Gucci shoes
£380 -
MICHAEL Michael Kors platform pumps
£66 -
Charles David leather pumps
£73 -
JustFabulous platform pumps
£34 -
Black patent pumps
ASOS pumps
£45 -
Jimmy Choo black shoes
£365 -
Kurt Geiger high heel shoes
£100 -
Forever 21 high heels stiletto
£22 -

Which one is your favourite? And which one would you buy?


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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Top 10 Secrets for Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, whether you're out with your sweetheart or your friends, it's important to feel comfortable and most importantly confident in what you're wearing. So start your outfit with your perfect bra! Here's my top 10 favourites, made on my Polyvore, from a range of high-street to high fashion styles.'s Top 10 Bras for Valentine's Day

Myla velvet bra
Agent Provocateur lace underwire bra
£56 -
Topshop bra
£24 -
Topshop lingerie bra
£24 -
Topshop bra
£22 -
Victoria s Secret PINK lace underwire bra
£18 -
Forever 21 multi way bra
£9.06 -

I think my favourite would have to be the bottom left one, by Agent Provocateur from Net-a-porter. It looks so beautiful and elegant.

What's your favourite?


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Monday, 10 February 2014

OOTD - Accessorize Bag

I've had many comments that I don't post enough, which is soo true and I really appreciate that you'd love to hear from me more. As written in my bio, I have a demanding science degree (I know, I'm crazy! Why didn't I just choose one in fashion?!) so this is a hobby, but I've been really inspired by people's 'Outfit of the Day' posts and thought that I should be able to do a little one everyday or at least regularly so here goes! 
I'm getting a tripod soon so I'll be able to share better pictures than selfies but for now...

Sweetheart Fashion OOTD
Scarf - H&M
Coat - Crew
Tank Top - Topshop
Watch - DKNY
Bag - Accessorize
Jeans - River Island
Ankle Boots - M&S

In all this cold weather recently I've been wearing my Crew trench coat more and more. As you may be able to tell it's too big for me so I love to couple this coat with some black skinny jeans and edgy ankle boots. I like to add a splash of colour with my scarves. This is my absolute favourite from H&M. I've had soo many compliments on it over the years which is always lovely, but it's also so practical as it keeps me super warm! It's also a different colour on either side so it goes with more outfits.

Sweetheart Fashion Accessorize Bag

I've had loads of compliments about my bag from my 'In my handbag...' (click here to read) so I thought I'd do a little post about it for you all. It's so amazing! It's colour combination means it's ideal to wear with almost any colour outfit, particularly brown or black outfits, which usually you'd have to have separate bags for, making it the perfect everyday bag. It's size also makes it ideal too. It's big enough to fit my iPad in which is essential for me! Though depending on your laptop, it may or may not fit in due to the zip so if you keep that with you regularly then test it out first, but it may be great. I can fit in all my essentials in too like umbrellas, big purses, water bottles etc.

Sweetheart Fashion Accessorize Bag

I love the mix of blue suede and black and cream faux leather. I was a little worried about how it would cope in the rain (as it often rains where I am!) but actually it's coped beautifully! Even if I don't get a chance to wipe it and have to leave it to air dry it's still fine so that is a definite plus for me.

What's your style?


Inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow #MondayMuse

This week's #MondayMuse is another style icon favourite of mine and has unsurprisingly been named 'World's Most Beautiful Woman, 2013' and for good reason! I love Gwyneth Paltrow's style!

I love how effortlessly beautiful she is. It always looks like she was born that way though she often says in interviews at home she looks totally different. She always looks so natural with minimal make-up and sleek hair. Her casual chic everyday look complements her effortless look and makes us believe she'd look beautiful in anything!On the red carpet her look is always chic still, if sometimes a little daring, though she always pulls it off.

Even in her 40s she is still the epitome of natural beauty and her law defying natural youthful look as truly inspired everyone. How does she do it?!

Despite criticism that her food health advice and exercise routine is too extreme, too elitist and simply unattainable for the average woman, her cookbooks have been flying off the shelves (I must admit, I do own them both!) and her Tracy Anderson workouts have reached new heights because we'd all like to at least try have some of her magic.

But really, all we should be taking away from her style is that eating as healthily as you can, exercising when you can and wearing what makes you feel comfortable will make you feel beautiful on the inside; and radiate out, making you look beautiful to the world too.

However pretty her pout is, her most beautiful her smile!


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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ted Baker iPad Case

Sweetheart Fashion's Ted Baker iPad Case
iPad Case - Ted Baker
One of my favourite gifts for Christmas was this Ted Baker iPad Case. I have an iPad for university so I'm using it everyday in lectures, writing up notes and I even have e-versions of my textbooks on it, given to us from our university, so it's basically my lifeline! Therefore I'm taking it with me everywhere, everyday and I need to know it's protected. That's why this was always going to be my first choice. Particularly as it's always in my bag where it could easily get scratched or bashed, having a sturdy, padded, protective case to cover the front and back is really needed!

Sweetheart Fashion's Ted Baker iPad Case
iPad Case - Ted Baker

It's a great choice too as you can double it up as a chic maxi clutch bag! (Or normal size clutch if you have an iPad mini and buy the mini version, the mini comes with optional straps too). Great if you want to just jump to a meeting and don't need your whole bag or wearing your cute little black dress on a night out and want a chic statement clutch.

Sweetheart Fashion's Ted Baker iPad Case
iPad Case - Ted Baker
It clips up with a magnetic button which keeps it extra secure and it also has the cutest pattern inside! Super adorable french bulldogs. I particularly like the one's with little bows ;)

Sweetheart Fashion's Ted Baker iPad Case
iPad Case - Ted Baker

It's a little bit stiff to put your iPad in at first due to the material, so you may struggle to close it totally for the first few uses, but you can hand stretch it a little when you buy it to help and over time it adapts. Apart from that it's a snug, great fit and you can feel confident it's protected. There is also have enough room to have a hard shell cover on the back too for added protection when your iPad is out of it's case.

I really recommend this iPad case! It's a little pricey but totally worth it for the look, quality and ability to use it as a stunning clutch too.

You can buy very similar Ted Baker iPad cases and Ted Baker iPad shell cases from Amazon here:

Do you have an iPad case you love? Let me know...


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Top 10 Valentine's Dresses 2014

Valentine's Day has come round so quick! With it only being a week away, if you haven't got one already, now's the time to be preparing and thinking about what you're going to wear.
Even if you don't have a date planned with your perfect man, why not dress up and go out with your girls? Show how much you love their friendship. Or, dress up and have a fancy girls' night in! Cocktails, dancing and chickflicks?
Whatever you decide to do, do it in style and here are some of my favourite dresses from this season created on my Polyvore:
Top 10 Valentine's Day Dresses

Missguided maxi dress
Phase Eight maxi dress
Missguided dress
£91 -
How to wear prom dress
Coast pink dress

As before it's hard to pick an order! I love that there's such a range or gorgeous dresses you could wear no matter what your  price range or size/shape.

The cheapest featured is actually (and maybe surprisingly!) the ASOS red maxi dress on the far left! It's absolutely stunning and everyone would look drop dead gorgeous wearing it. At just £40 it's a real steal so if you're stuck and on a budget I do recommend looking for this one first.

Very similar price to that is Missguided's black faux feather dress in the top middle. This dress I have fallen in love with and really want to buy! It's very 1920's flapper, Gatsby, style and is perfect if you have a very slender, small frame to give it the 'straight up and down' look that era dictates.

If you're more curvalicious then I highly recommend the two other black dresses. The Missguided's maxi sequin dress on the far right is perfect for showing of your sexy hourglass curves and you will leave all the boys drooling in this sexy but sophisticated show-stopper. The other black dress is a very sexy, off the shoulder black dress from Nelly and I really love this one. The deep sweetheart neckline will show off your boobs beautifully and the ruched skirt will bring in your waist while complementing wider hips.

Another dress that's great for any shape is the Jane Norman dress, second to left. It's a gorgeous dress ideal for anyone on a date and you can accessorise it differently for every season. If it's particularly cold and wintery, a white faux fur/feather such as these would look amazing:

I also love the Needle and Thread sequin red dress in the middle, from ASOS. I'd want to wear this dress to every event and I can really see it making you feel 'a million dollars' when wearing it! It's really flattering and totally glamorous! Plus the deep reds and burgundies make it an ideal Valentine's dress.

Another great Valentine's red dress is the bright red one, top left, from Coast. This has a wonderful lace swirl design at the top which is so elegant and the waterfall pleats in the skirt will definitely make it flow and fall so seductively when worn. 

Also from Coast is the cream and black dress beneath that. It's a little bit more pricey but well worth it. It has a spectacular skirt and the ruched bodice at the top makes it a wonderful and very flattering dress.

Cream dresses are very in this season and this top right cream and gold, lace effect dress, from ForeverUnique is a real dream. It's prom skirt gives great, girly volume whilst pinching in at the waist with an adorable silk bow showing off a tiny waist. And the halter neck gives it a more unique, modest twist to this cute classic.

Last but not least is the red sequin gown from House of Fraser. As you can imagine, this is quite expensive but if you have the cash to splash then this is definitely the dress to spend it on! It's an outstanding, floor length gown that radiates sophistication, elegance and grace, whilst being low enough to show off your collar bones and it has a cheeky see-threw addition over the chest to give a glimpse at your cleavage to those stood close enough. It has a wonderful small fishtail at the end of it's sleek fit to add extra glam to its already sumptuous lace and sequin design. 

What dress will you be wearing?


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