Sunday, 29 June 2014

Bohemian Festival Style

Bohemian Style

Bohemian Bones slit maxi dress
£93 -
Peacock print dress
£23 -
Sleeve top
Bohemian Bones playsuit romper
£73 -
Fringe kimono
£18 -
Mixit layered chain necklace
£7.40 -
Flower hair accessory
£40 -
Bridal flower crown
£11 -
Boho hair accessory
£7.05 -
Handmade home decor

Summer is full of festivals! We cannot get enough of them.The music, the fun and the freedom with friends. Definitely nights to remember. The festival style is more popular than ever with countless popular brands such as MissGuided and Boohoo having whole sections dedicated to them.

I love the freeness of the clothes. The florals and bright colours in rugged feminine style. It's the perfect look for summer and very comfortable.

If you're still looking for something to wear to your next festival, check out my favourite pieces here:

Festival Style

Missguided shift dress
Boohoo shift dress
£35 -
Topshop white dress
£56 -
Topshop long sleeve shirt
£85 -
Boohoo crochet top
£18 -
Topshop lace top
£26 -
River Island crop top
Boohoo golf skirt
£18 -
Boohoo maxi skirt
£14 -
Topshop shorts
£38 -
Missguided rubber boots
Miss Selfridge ring
£8.81 -
ASOS chain necklace
£8.95 -
Miss Selfridge bracelet
£8.81 -
Chain necklace
£8.80 -
Boohoo gemstone jewelry
£9.39 -
ASOS hair accessory
£8.95 -
ASOS hair accessory
£11 -
Topshop hat
£33 -
Boohoo bunny headband
£5.87 -
Topshop belt
£19 -

My top picks from this would have to be the Boohoo shift dress, ASOS hair accessories and floral sunglasses from Missguided! Wish I could buy them all though :)

Which is your favourite? Are you going to many festivals this summer?

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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Summer Glow - Garnier Self Tan

As you can tell from my OOTD pictures, I have very fair skin. I'm either white or red from sunburn, my skin refuses to tan so I use self tans at summer to take the edge off. Because I'm so fair getting a spray tan would only spell disaster and I refuse to ever use a sun bed as I certainly do not want to damage my skin or get skin cancer. 

The best self tanning product I've found over the years has to be this one, Garnier's Ambre Solaire. It is perfect for building a natural looking, subtly growing tan. It really means it when it says no streaks! You often read it on these products but it doesn't often actually work out like that but this product actually does give an even tone. It doesn't come off in patched either. When you stop using the product it just gradually fades away as smoothly as it came. 

I also love it because of the smell too. There are lots that smell like you're wearing tanning products but this one smells delicious! It smells like apricots and is like wearing a luscious moisturiser.
It's also really kind on your skin. It makes your skin feel really soft and it glows.

It doesn't need to be rubbed in as well, as it dries really quickly, just spray it on and go. I will definitely be using this all summer. After just one or two uses you can begin to see a difference and after using it around every day, in two weeks you will have a beautiful, natural looking tan.

Be warned though, if you have your legs waxed the wax will bring off the tan so allow a day or two to build it up again. 

What is your favourite tanning product?

Get the look:

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Friday, 27 June 2014

How to ~ Long Healthy Nails

I've always surprised my friends with my natural nails. Even as a child my nails were always this white and I've always been able to grow them long. At first I wouldn't know what to say when asked how I did it, I couldn't tell what I was doing differently from my peers to cause my nails to keep growing and not break. But thankfully, I've narrowed it down to some helpful tips and want to share them with you.

Obviously I don't have my nails this long usually, but I grew them as long as manageable to show you the potential, I usually have them around half this length. It's important for me with my modelling to have them looking natural and strong all the time so that they're ready for a shoot. Having them painted a colour may mean that wouldn't go with the outfit or look for the shoot, but French manicure look goes with every look. 

My nails are naturally this white and strong and it is honestly easy to have them like this. I don't tend to use any products to maintain this but I will recommend some at the end that I've found to be great to help you achieve and maintain this yourself.

Top Tips:
  • Do not bite your nails! 
    • Even if you're just holding your nails between your teeth and not actually chewing them off, this is still putting pressure on them and can cause you to break away at the layers.
  • No nail varnish
    • This might seem very difficult as painting our nails is very popular but this is the main reason your nails will struggle to survive. The nail varnish itself may not be as much of an issue, it's the problems that arise from it coming off. Chipping it off causes your nails to lose layers, you will be chipping off more than just the varnish, but removing it with nail varnish isn't better either as this is made up of harsh chemicals that break up the nail varnish molecules but also 'attacks' the top layers of your nail too. I paint my nails once a year, if that, so if you want to paint your nails then you can, just sparingly. Admittedly, in no time your nails will permanently look like the very best French manicure anyway.
  • No acrylic nails
    • There are many problems with this. It can easily damage your nail bed and the UV drying lights can cause skin cancer. Having them once in a while for a special occasion is obviously fine but having this regularly is only going to cause long lasting damage.
  • Use alternatives...
    • to nail varnish such as nail wraps which are not harsh on your nails. There are so many beautiful designs now that you're bound to find one to match your outfit.
  • Healthy diet
    • It may seem obvious but it's very true. You don't need to cheat with nail and hair tablets (really, do not use these!) you just need to make sure you have a balanced diet with fruit and vegetables. It will be a very good sign to indicate if you're getting it right. I used to think it was from lots of calcium, as media like to encourage us to believe, but it is based on your diet as a whole. These pictures were taken now whilst I'm transitioning to vegan and using soy butter, soy milk and no cheese. 
  • File nails one way
    • After cutting your nails, file them in one movement/direction and not back and forth as this will fray the ends causing them to be weak. I personally don't file mine at all so I recommend practising cutting them how you'd like them to look so that you can avoid filing them.
  • Keep cuticles down
    • Always maintain your cuticles. Keeping them down will keep your nails healthy and appear longer. Everyday you can just push them down with your nails but once a week use a nail treatment and moisturiser to help them stay extra healthy.
Products recommended:
I really hope this helps! Let me know how you get on.
What's your helpful tips?

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sleep-in Rollers

Here is how I created my gorgeous curls for the wedding I went to last weekend. For those of you who read my Ted Baker Wedding Guest Outfit post (here) you'll have seen that I had big celebrity style curls. But the secret is that I did it all myself and it was really easy to do. Here's how...!

I used the legendary Sleep-In Rollers. These have been used by celebrities and I can totally see why. They are very easy to use and super effective. I was so pleased with the results!
It recommends that while your is dry you should put them in and despite this being the quicker and easier option, I recommend putting them in when your hair is damp/towel dried. This way your curls will last for days rather than just a few hours.

Before you put them in, you can add some volumising products such as mousse, this will give your hair the extra volume and bounce it needs to look like a celebrity's hair and exude glamour. However, you could just put in your normal everyday products and have a more subtle everyday look like the picture below. My hair was left with gorgeous bouncing curls at the ends and framing my face. It was also how I had my hair for yesterday's Zara Florals post (here) if you'd like to see more pictures of how that looked.
Putting my hair in these rollers was so quick and easy that to be honest I may well do it for most days. The curls would suit any face and look fabulous with a middle or side parting.

*I apologise that the picture appears to have gone grey, I did not edit it to be like this. If anyone can tell me how to get Blogger to stop editing my pictures for me when I upload them, it would be hugely appreciated!*

I must admit too that I was a little sceptical about sleeping in them, imagining it to be very uncomfortable. But it turns out that it was really fine! The first night I tried them then I only stirred a couple times in the night, and I do mean stirred, it certainly didn't wake me fully or result in me struggling to go back to sleep. The second time I used them I didn't stir once. I recommend having a type of neck pillow. I have a small pillow which feels half memory foam, half bean bag, which I rested my neck on and this really helps because it takes less pressure off your head resting on the curls.

Sunglasses - Gucci
Earrings - Accessorise
Top - Zara
Trousers - Zara

Plus, I highly recommend using serum in your hair before putting the rollers in, particularly on the ends as the velcro can make things static and cause your ends to appear to fray. 

Get the Look:
There are lots of different products and types in their range so there's something to suit every budget and hair type.  You can check out their website:
Or you can buy for a discount here:

Have you tried Sleep-in Rollers before? What did you think of them?

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