Thursday, 6 March 2014

Blogging with a Tripod

Thank you to everyone's support and love for my tripod! I've received lots of feedback about it and had lots of questions about it too, so I thought I'd answer them all in one place and do a post for you.

This is my tripod, it's a Konig kn-tripod 55 and is available to buy from Amazon here:
Konig High Quality KN-tripod 55

Sweetheart Fashion Tripod

I decided to buy a tripod because my boyfriend is away during the day at the moment, so it was easiest for me to do it myself this way. Although it is of course always easier getting someone to take the pictures for you, this is a great idea if you're stuck for people to find, don't want to bother someone or are too shy to pose in front of people!

If you're struggling, to begin with I recommend putting a full length mirror next to the camera on the stand so you can get a much clearer idea of how the picture's likely to turn out. I also suggest just putting it on self timer at first to give you time to get into position rather than spending money on a remote too in case you find that a tripod isn't for you.

Yes, mine's a little expensive, I wanted one that lasts and my boyfriend can use on location for wildlife shots too. But there are plenty of cheaper ones out there if you're on a budget, though some people have told me how they have had quality issues with ones too cheap so find the right balance for you.

Sweetheart Fashion

Tripods are great for indoor and outdoor shots! You're able to adjust each leg individually so even if you're on a slope or uneven surface you can still get the perfect shot without damaging your camera.

Also, by using a tripod you're able to grow and develop your own photography skills. You control where the best lighting is, the camera settings, angles, focus... everything. Even if it is just a short term solution, it will get you thinking more deeply about how you compose your shots and the art behind the lens, rather than just your favourite outfit and how best to show it off. 

It can be hard at first to get your head around everything you need to think of and it can take a few takes before you get a shot you're happy with! But stick with it, I promise it gets easier and it's definitely rewarding. It can be hardest getting an outdoor shot as you have to deal with more factors at once. For my OOTD faux fur post (you can read here) I tried to take the shots outside in windy weather. The wind seemed intent on ruining each shot as it appeared to blow my hair into my face just as the camera took the picture. But, you have to work with it. In the end, it blew up my coat dramatically and made a more edgy artistic shot than a static pose it might have been. If you can build your confidence to take pictures outside I do recommend it. Use the natural sunlight, wind and colours to your advantage and don't be afraid to play around with it!

Do you use a tripod?
What's your top tips?


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