Friday, 10 October 2014

Casual Autumn Outfit Collaboration with A Fashion Oddity

Hey Guys,

I am Charlotte from A Fashion Oddity I blog about fashion, beauty and everything in-between.

I feel privileged to be writing for one of my favourite blogs ever.  Together we came up with the title of a casual autumn outfit. I wear this outfit all the time when I don’t know what to wear or I don’t have anything special planned so this is usually my go to for a long day at college.

Scarf - Bijou Brigitte
Cardigan – TU at Sainsbury’s
Top – Dorothy Perkins
Jeans – Next

I love this scarf so much I had my eye on it all autumn last year and received it for Christmas. I wear it all the time with a plain top and this cardigan, my leather jacket or my parka as there’s a lot of green tones in the scarf. It’s just beautiful. This cardigan is amazing, I am not normally one for cardigans I actually only own too but I wear this all the time in the autumn as outerwear as it’s not quite cold enough for my beloved winter coat to come out but this is also my number one cosy item for around the house wear I put it on over everything.

This is just one of those ultimate comfort outfits but with the scarf being so beautiful I still feel like have made an effort.

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Love Charlotte




  1. I LOVE that scarf! The outfit looks so comfy :)


  2. such a cute look!

    from helen at

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  3. Really pretty scarf! love it


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