Thursday, 9 October 2014

Mind, Body and Soul

Despite the name, Sweetheart Fashion was originally designed a year ago to be a blog for just about anything. Over the year I've shaped and developed my skills as a blogger and have really found my stride with Sweetheart Fashion being a fashion and style blog. However more and more I've wanted to expand what I write about and so have created a new blog under my name:

Elizabeth Dorrian

Elizabeth Dorrian,, will be a blog about lifestyle and beauty, not only will I be blogging about beauty and make-up reviews, make-up tutorials/styles etc., but also about what I eat, exercise routines/inspiration and other healthy lifestyle choices. 

Over the year I've developed as a person too and I feel I need another outlet to express my creativity and my new life's phrase to live by:

Mind, Body & Soul 

Mind: I wanted to shy away from coming across as just a dumb blonde model only interested in looks and instead share with you interesting things in the world of science with fblogger/bblogger/lblogger applications as I am a scientist; and encourage education, particularly women in science. (Cue Spice Girls 'Girl Power' music!)

Body: Although I eat really healthily I do struggle to find the motivation to exercise sometimes and so am not very fit or strong. Exercising has countless health benefits so I wanted to share my journey with getting fit and active in fun ways to give myself more energy and feel refreshed.
I'm a vegetarian (/want to be vegan) and eat as much organic food/drink as possible so will be sharing my meal ideas etc. too.
Also I would love to write about beauty products and will be occasionally linking this with my love of organic as well.

Soul: I've become a lot more spiritual lately and although, of course, I will not be bringing religion into my blog (want to steer clear of any controversy or arguments, everyone's entitled to their own beliefs) I will be blogging about every day things that I've found to be good for my soul; whether it be to help reduce anxiety, stress or frustration, increasing confidence, or volunteer/charitable work.

Sweetheart Fashion will continue to be available through all channels (, and as well as appear on my new website under 'Sweetheart Fashion' in the menu. will house both blogs as well as my shop, information on my web design and my PR guide. 

I really hope you can join me on my journey with Elizabeth Dorrian Blog at and enjoy reading my lifestyle posts!


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  1. Ah this is so exciting. I really didn't think your name was Elizabeth haha. Oh I cant wait to start reading some posts from there. After seeing some of the stuff you pot about on Facebook I have been intrigued about cruelty free or vegan products and things.


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