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How To ~ Stay Motivated with Fashion Blogging

For the second time in the year that I have been blogging, I've succumb to 'blogging fatigue', 'blogger's guilt', pressure, writers block, whatever you want to call it. Overall, I lost my confidence and desire to blog. Which is why I haven't blogged for most of this month. I've totally bounced back now and am back to my huge love of blogging but I wanted to share with you my thoughts and tips to hopefully help others of you. I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you who continued to visit my blog and leave lovely comments etc. during my absence. It actually really helped and it's great being so supported.

During that time, I woke each morning and found myself feeling down, that I've disappointed each viewer for not having reached their expectation of seeing something new. Then 'fear' they won't return from being 'so let down', particularly if I didn't post for 'too long', and 'fear' the following morning I would awake to a big fat 0 readers. 
I often feel pressure that I wouldn't look good enough for the pictures, I haven't worked out and eaten a little too much and feel I look like a whale or don't have a good enough outfit. They're all crazy things that can go through our heads and make us feel inadequate for our blog and sometimes spill over into our real lives.

When I was recommending blogging to a friend she admitted she felt put off because she felt "you have to be very strong" to be a blogger. At first I didn't really understand, let alone agree, with her view. But now I see more what she means.

I've read about many other bloggers who have felt the same and know it's a very common problem. Therefore I wanted to share some tips I put together for myself to keep me on track with a hobby I do enjoy and would be sad to loose, which I hope can help some of you. I've written this with a fashion blog angle but I'm sure you can extrapolate and transfer the skills to whatever type of blog you write.

Top Tips for Staying Motivated: 

Pamper yourself
If you're feeling even the slightest bit inadequate, show yourself how much you love you. Go to a spa or a salon for some pampering or DIY it at home or with friends. You'll refreshed, comforted, and more prepared to 'face the music'.
One of the things for me was my hair, I thought it was looking scraggy and untamed as I hadn't had it done in a while so I went to my favourite salon and got the most expensive hair dresser there to work his magic. It took hours and cost a bomb but it's given me such a refreshed feel and more positive outlook for everyday and my blog.
I also treated myself to a facial and pedicure at home to feel extra refreshed. We all need a pamper night now and then!

Make sure you gain your validation from somewhere else in your life
Blogging can become a huge source of accomplishment for us, which is great, but don't let it become everything. Otherwise when things get on top of you or things go wrong they don't effect you as much. Take any criticism as constructively as you can and remember, it's not personal! Most of all though, if there isn't any criticism said, it's honestly not there so don't imagine people are thinking it. You're doing great!
Ensure you gain your confidence and how you define yourself from other things in your life too; a happy family life, a fulfilling relationship, doing well at school/work, mastering a new skill, creating something, there are plenty of possibilities out there.

Get a makeover
Getting a new look for yourself or your blog design might be just the ticket. Give you a fresh outlook or new relationship with your blog.

Buy something new
Retail therapy is a great feel good option. It's not full proof as the novelty can quickly wear off or become a bad habit, but make sure you're not too hard on yourself. You can treat yourself every now and then! Having something new or a whole new outfit to blog about might just give you the inspiration you need to get you kick-started back to blogging.

Change it up
Change where, when or how you take your pictures. 
Go out and about and get a picture in a new environment and different picture backgrounds can be really refreshing for you and your blog. 
Change the time of day you take the pictures, changes in the amount of lighting and time might help too; you may find that doing it first thing in the morning or after lunch etc. might be better for you.
Ask for help or do it yourself. If you don't already, maybe getting a tripod and taking the pictures in your own time and own way could help give you more confidence to be more adventurous with your shots.
Or, if you already do this, maybe ask a friend to take some pictures of you. You can make it a really fun experience and build a better relationship with them. If you have a friend doing a photography course, or ask someone who is, as it would be great experience for them, they will be more than happy to help!

Take a Blog holiday
Don't be afraid to take a break! If you treat this as a job you deserve a holiday every now and then. Don't blog or even think about your blog for a week, two... three... however long it takes! Release the pressure on yourself and remind yourself that you blog when it makes you happy. Get yourself grounded and refreshed again and you'll be raring to start.
Get out and about too. Visiting places can make you feel a lot better and be great inspiration.
And remember, you don't need to apologise! If you loose one or two followers that's they're loss. Take as much time as you need so that when you come back you'll gain lots rather than struggle on with just those few. It's your blog and your life. You don't have to answer to anyone.

Write a list of what makes you happy
If you love these things there are bound to be others that feel the same way and therefore these could be great inspirational tips for your blog. Make sure you remind yourself of what makes you feel happy and writing about things that do.

Funnily enough it will work. We all know it releases endorphins (the happy chemical in our brain) so it will physically make you happier and reduce depression, plus feeling pumped, refreshed and toned will certainly boost your confidence about yourself and get you ready to go back in front of the camera.

I hope these tips can helped you.

Have you been through similar experiences? What are your top tips?


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  1. Stepping back and then relaunching with great new and original ideas is a great way to get back in the game. I also tend to buy a lot to keep inspirations high! : /
    Thanks for sharing, great post and ideas.
    nlmorgan, lifestyle & beauty

    1. Thank you! Really appreciate your comment :) Was worried about posting this as I don't really tend to write lifestyle posts, so glad you think's good! Great tips too, buying things always helps ;) xoxo

  2. I'm glad you've managed to bounce back! It's so easy to get too caught up in something (blogging being a prime example) and then as a result, losing the desire to carry on. I definitely find taking a bit of a break works. It's a bit of a cheaper option than buying stuff (although that definitely works a treat)! Xx

    1. Thank you so much :) You're right! Stepping back for a little really does help, and saves a lot of money ;)


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