Thursday, 25 September 2014

Nautical Style Cruise Outfit

Sunglasses - Gucci
Top - New Look
Watch - DKNY
Trousers - Primark
Shoes - TOMS

After my Cruise Inspiration Outfit Post (HERE) went down so well, I thought I'd show you one of the outfits I wore for my cruise.
I chose to go for the nautical look (who wouldn't?!) choosing to wear a white top with black stripes and coupling this with some white skinny jeans.

I also wore my fabulous new TOMS from their SS'14 collection. They are their gorgeous crochet ones, they come in different colours and I went for these cream ones. I cannot believe that I had never tried TOMS before but I'm so glad I finally did because they are totally amazing. They are so comfortable and I really mean it. They're designed to fit like a sock and after a couple of days breaking them in they do and it's true. I was on my feet for over 12 hours and my feet didn't hurt or rub or blister once! 
They also make ideal deck shoes, they're non-slip which was extremely handy for this trip! It was so windy every day, on one day it was so windy on top deck it was hard to breathe and it was literally almost impossible to walk against but these shoes kept me steadfast, I definitely believe I would have slid along the floor if it weren't for these.

Sunglasses - Gucci
Top - New Look
Watch - Gucci
Trousers - Primark
Shoes - TOMS
You maybe be able to make out from my badge that I was whale and dolphin watching with a charity called ORCA (you can check out their website HERE) whilst on board. I got to enjoy the luxury of the cruise in the evenings once the sun had gone down, but from sun rise to sun set, waking at 5 am every morning, I was scanning the seas virtually non-stop. The research this charity does is really important because marine life is suffering greatly due to our actions! ORCA survey the seas and track the marine mammals they can see and use this data to try and get areas protected for them. 

It was a totally breath-taking experience! I have seen many dolphins in captivity and swam with them too. But to get the see even one dolphin in the wild was beyond words. I'm pleased to say we ended up seeing hundreds, of various species and some up-close too. We also saw a rare fish, whales and a critically endangered sea turtle, which the chances of seeing were unbelievably slim!

I cannot recommend more this trip to you, become a member to help support their work or become a marine mammal surveyor yourself to work with them!

Do you love whales, dolphins and other marine life? Would you love to help them be protected?


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  1. I love your outfit here! I'm really jealous you got to see dolphins and sea turtles- what an experience! It must have been amazing x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah it was a truly amazing experience :) Highly recommend xoxo

  2. awwww can't believe you saw dolphins and sea turtles. you look amazing


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