Monday, 1 September 2014

AW'14 Trend Report

Autumn is now officially with us and with this arrives the wind, rain and winter blues. But, here is my round-up of this season's hottest trends to look forward to and start creating, from the runways and from what's now on the high-street. This September I'll be looking into all these trends in more detail so keep checking back, exciting things to come!

Top Trends from the Runway:

Capes, Wraps, Ponchos and Cocooning Coats
This is definitely my top most anticipated style of the season! I really feel the cold and these styles look so comfy and warm! Gone are the days where your mum dresses you in the thick, colour clashing and itchy poncho your nan's knitted you, these are chic, sheer and on trend. Celebrities, such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, have already been spotted in this cosy style with pieces from the runway and are creating quite a storm. I have two myself and cannot wait to do a style post on them for you this week.

Shaggy Shearlings and Sheepskins
Faux fur is always a winter staple but this year it's more sheepskin and shearlings than just faux fur. This is good news for us that feel the cold! Sheep's coat curls which traps more air and will keep you warmer. This season, bigger is definitely better. Plus it's all about colour too so don't be afraid to go big and go bold with this style.

Folk Tales, Folkloric Bohemian and Winter Florals
This is so dreamy. I'm so glad this style is in, it's so beautiful. Abercrombie and Fitch and Free People have really taken this style on board and their lookbooks are really inspiring. If you have a favourite kimono from summer, it's great to know you can hold on to it and style it a new way.

Top Trends from the High-street:

Totally Adorkable/Preppy Crew
When I first saw this from Topshop I must admit I laughed but it is very on trend this season with a lot more high-street stores than just Topshop. Tophop's calling it 'Totally Adorkable', while River Island's calling it 'Preppy Crew'. It's a more girlie and feminine extension of the now classic 'geek chic' style and it's great to see geeky/nerdy/know-it-all type being considered cool. Quirky, satchels, big glasses and knee-length (librarian style!) skirts are all  in! 

Ripped Jeans
These look great to add extra edge to your every-day classic Autumn/Winter look. In black these really complete your black-on-black and monochrome looks, which are as ever on trend this Autumn/Winter. Leggings, jeans, skinny or boyfriend-fit, this trend is taking over the streets and is already being seen everywhere!

Zenista/Winter Pastels
River Island have classed this trend as 'Zenista', Missguided have viewed it as more 60's 'Carnaby Girl' style but overall, it's the pastel trend that's here to stay. Gone are the days of just wearing dark colours for winter, now add a statement piece or whole outfit for a real pop of colour this winter! So crack out your favourite pastel piece from Spring and style it for a whole new look.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my trend report! As mentioned above, I'll be doing separate posts on each of these styles; where to buy the style yourself from the high-street, how I styled the trend and splurge vs. save on key pieces! So keep checking back.

Which is your favourite?


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  1. Oh it's so hard to pick my favorite, I really like the trends you shared with us. Makes me want to buy more clothes, haha!


    1. Thank you so much :) Yeah, it really is hard to pick a favourite!
      And try not to buy too many clothes ;) hehe xoxo

  2. ponchos and fur coats yes please!


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