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Top 10 dresses Grammy Awards 2014

Here are my Top 10 dresses from this year's fabulous Grammy Awards 2014!
Using Polyvore I've put together my top ten favourites from the event. As with my post about my top ten from the Golden Globes 2014 it was far too hard to actually choose an order so I'll  just go through each as pictured and no particular order. There were some really amazing dresses this year! Lots of whites but lots of glitz and glamour too.

Top 10 Dresses Grammy Awards 2014

So starting from top left and going clockwise, first we have Iggy Azalea who wore this stunning gown from Elie Saab's pre-autumn/winter 2013 collection. This probably is my favourite though, it's so chic and elegant. Plus, it's makes her look amazing WITHOUT showing too much flesh! I was hard pushed to find 10 lovely dresses that weren't too revealing and I feel it's very sad that women in the spot light (and in general often) feel the only way to look beautiful and get attention is by dressing provocatively and show too much. Beyonce's performance outfit for example is just beyond. Iggy here looks sexy and glamorous in this dress and it's definitely one I wish I could afford.

Next is Beyonce's gown from Michael Costello. This is a very pretty dress! I love the floral lace design and it's truly unique, if a little too see-through and very revealing! It has a fabulous figure-hugging shape which is great to show off Beyonce's perfect body that we all love.

Katy Perry's dress was actually taken straight from the Valentino Couture spring/summer 2014 catwalk! I love the whimsical, fairytale feel of the dress which is very spring season. The unique music notes design on the under skirt makes her stand-out when she could easily have become washed out in this delicate pale dress and adds excitement and wonder.

Ciara wore a very glamorous bronze Emilio Pucci gown which perfectly showed off her beautiful baby bump. There is a risk at events like this that women feel like they need to wear dresses that hide their bump or draw attention far away from it. But this can often lead to them looking frumpy or even just bizarre. We love seeing an adorable baby bump and can't help but coo so be proud and show it off. This dress leaves a perfect balance though and the detailing all over the dress is outstanding, let alone that on the trim and particularly the trail.

Chrissy Teigen wore a very sexy Johanna Johnson gown. The sequins are so glamorous and it had a very flattering fish tail shape. Despite the very low sweetheart neckline, the belt's a nice touch.

Brooklyn Haley chose this fabulous sparkly, sequin dress from Sherri Hill. I thought she carried it off beautifully and her long flowing ringlets really complemented her look well.

Paris Hilton went for a House of Milani white gown with fantastic detail! It was covered in swarovski crystals (of course!) with a halter neck detailing at the front, with a surprising and spectacular back, featuring ornate swirl and crystal design on the sides. So much love for this dress!

Anna Kendrick's gown was by Azzaro and had a fabulous bodice design. I love the strap detail amongst all the jewels. Admittedly a little too much cleavage but the shire skirt helps to add sophistication and style.

Then we have Anna Faris's gorgeous strapless dress in a wonderful navy blue by Fitriani. Although more understated than some of the other dresses seen with their glitz and sequins, it has a lovely sweetheart neckline, long train and a very chic silhouette. The ruffles around the hips would often add pounds to any girl but she wears it beautifully and looks amazing.

Last but not least is Taylor Swift with her Gucci Première dress. I love the glamorous 't-shirt' style over the top of an otherwise plain strapless gold dress. It adds modesty and screams glamour, chic and style. I also HAD to include a picture of her close up to show how wonderful her hair and make-up looked. She had her hair in a ponytail with a side sweep fringe and it just went perfectly with the dress. I also loved her glamorous smoky-eye look with light pink lips and flawless complexion. True effortless beauty and glamour when it can be achieved for a red carpet event!

Which was your favourite? Did you think there was a better one I missed? Let me know what you think of their dresses...



  1. Hey! There were some gorgeous dresses at the Grammy's this year! I particularly loved Taylor Swift's.
    I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!

    Laura x

    Laura's Land of Beauty

    1. Hey Laura
      Glad you liked my post and the dresses I chose :). Taylor Swift's was definitely a show stopper!!
      Thank you soo much, lovely, for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! I really appreciate it and enjoyed reading your post about it. You have a great blog!


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