Thursday, 17 July 2014

SS'14 Floral Garland Trend

Floral Garland - Missguided
Ring - Topshop

Floral garlands are the PERFECT summer accessory! Whether you're wearing it to a festival, in the park, on the beach, or a summer event, they are definitely this season's must-have! I am absolutely in love with mine from Missguided, this is by far the best and biggest one I've seen but there is one ideal for every outfit in different sizes and shades.

Floral Garland - Missguided
Bracelet - Market Stall in Rome

I coupled mine with my lush maxi dress from (you can read my post about it HERE) for a real boho look and feel to it. An outfit like this is an ideal cute, summer look. But it would also look great with a maxi skirt and cropped top or top and shorts for example.

 Floral Garland - Missguided

 I love the colours with this piece! It's so big and looks really realistic so makes a great statement piece. That's why I chose to go with subtle jewellery and a non-patterned dress so that all attention is drawn to the flowers. I feel a flower garland like this one goes with any colour outfit too. The stunning but subtle tones and pink hues of the flowers makes it blend nicely with any colour scheme.
 Floral Garland - Missguided
Bracelet - Market Stall in Rome
Necklace - Blacktied*
Shoes - Marks and Spencer

Here is a selection of some of the best flower garland's I've found online (including mine!), which is your favourite?

Do you have a flower garland? How have you styled yours? Send me your links!


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*working in collaboration with these brands but they have not gifted me any items and all my views are honest and my own.



  1. I still don't own one but I really like them. I really like the one you have! It's pretty :)


    1. Thank you :) I highly recommend you getting one! They look super cute on xoxo


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