Monday, 28 July 2014

Top SS'14 Vegan Fashion Buys

Top SS'14 Vegan Fashion Buys

Hei Hei faux leather jacket
£110 -

Free People jacket
£245 -

Free People vest
£82 -

Free People black sandals
£87 -

Leather shoes

TOMS white shoes
£32 -

Evening shoes
£26 -

Short boots
£32 -

High heels stiletto
£25 -

TOMS yellow shoes
£41 -

Strap sandals
£28 -

Print flat
£18 -

Sole Society pink purse
£35 -

Crossbody handbag

Pink handbag
£29 -

Pink purse
£21 -

Evening handbag
£29 -

Sole Society red purse
£24 -

Red purse

Free People collar necklace
£28 -

Lips makeup
£8.83 -

Too Faced Cosmetics lips makeup
£13 -

Urban Decay waterproof eyeliner
£12 -

Some of you will know from my previous posts that I'm slowly transitioning to being a vegan after being a vegetarian for around a year now and it's more than just diet. Vegan is where you don't use any products that have come from animals; with food this means additionally to a vegetarian diet, food that uses milk, gelatin, etc. are off the menu, but this extends to products too such as silk and leather. I'm always keen to be animal friendly and therefore using products that haven't involved the suffering of animals is a clear choice. Here I've put together this season's must-have vegan/animal friendly buys.

Vegan often has negative connotations with being cheap quality and for tree-hugging crazy people. But with many celebrities paving the way, vegan, animal-free fashion is becoming more and more popular and fashion forward. You don't have to spend a lot to get a good quality vegan item either now. It's becoming so mainstream that many shoes and bags for example cost just the same as any other high-street alternative. In my set here I've added some pieces to splash out on, but most of them are affordable high-street prices to show what great items there are on a budget.

I love the bags in particular! There are so many beautiful ones to choose from that you'd have no idea weren't real leather. I think Fashion Conscience's purple tote might have to be my next purchase.

There are even many cosmetics that are vegan too. I usually buy my beauty products from Body Shop which are not tested on animals but it's worth looking around for some actual vegan products. I've found a lot on Etsy but here I've found Too Faced do some vegan products too.

Which is your favourite?
Are you vegan?


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