Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Girls' Night

Another birthday celebration I had was a night with my besties from university. We decided to go out for a meal and then have a girls' night in watching chic flicks and painting our nails etc.!
The restaurant wasn't too posh and as we didn't go out after we thought we'd dress 'smart-casual' for the evening. I wore a silk cami and black skinny jeans from River Island and my casual blazer and stilettos from New Look.

Necklace - Swarovski
Blazer - New Look
Cami - River Island
Bracelet - Tiffany and Co.
Watch - DKNY
Skinny Jeans - River Island
Heels - New Look

We all shared this awesome milkshake at the restaurant! A 2L milkshake in what was basically a bucket! It was chocolate flavour with chocolate sauce, a thick layer of cream and brownies on top! Aptly named 'Death By Chocolate'!

I decided to have the vegetarian 'flat bread', which was basically a oval shaped pizza. It was so nice! And then we all shared some nachos too...we were stuffed!

We then went back to mine and put on Just Go With It whilst we painted each other's nails. We used Accessorize 4D Nails and it worked sooo well!

4D Nail polish - Accessorize

You have to just put on 2 layers of the base nail polish and then pour the beads on top. Though make sure you have something like a bowl or paper with a crease in to catch the beads as they will go everywhere!

My friend did it for us all and I did it for her. She was very talented! Thankfully the packet of beads had a nozzle for easy application. It's also made of rubber so it's able to be easily taken off and be turned upside-down to become a filter so you're easily able to put the beads you catch back it.

You had to shake it and pour it a few times to get enough beads to come out. The beads can get trapped and block up the nozzle a bit.
Below she's here doing my nails.

Bracelet - Tiffany and Co.
Ring - Swarovski

Ring - Swarovski

Here's a picture of all our nails together. The colour looks great on anyone! We thought it looked like wonderful little cupcakes on our nails!

We also had some wonderful teas as well, pink grapefruit, and Twinings Strawberry and Mango Tea
 all with some organic honey in wonderful teapots and teacups.

Here's my polyvore again from this morning's blog:

Girls' Night!

Sequin tank
Vero Moda blazer
Naked & Famous skinny leg jeans
£88 -
Michael Antonio pumps
£25 -
Emile Henry pizza stone
£31 -
LSA International cake pedestal
Glass cake plate
£25 -
Royal Albert bone china
£16 -

Message me or comment if you would like a full tutorial on how to do 4D nails yourself.

What's your perfect girls' night?


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