Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Guess Designer Watch

Another gift I was lucky to receive was a gorgeous watch from Guess, brought (as you can see from the picture) at H.Samuel. 
I do like buying my jewellery from them, they always seem to be doing some offer or another. It's important when you know you want to buy a designer watch that you acquire it through a reputable source. There is a growing temptation to buy the next bargain off the internet on some sites like eBay but you might not always get what you signed up for. The seller may not be using real pictures of their product, not actually send the product at all or be 'flogging' a fake. There are so many fakes out there, easily accessible to fraudulent sellers so it's so important you get your facts straight before sending money, particularly if you intend to pay a lot for it, as you might not get it back!

But back to what watch I chose and why...

Watch - Guess

Before I was only using my DKNY watch, as you have probably seen from my other blog posts. It's a fantastic watch that's great for everyday use, but I was keen to get a small delicate watch, like this one, for special occasions and outfits that required a more delicate touch as my DKNY one, which is a little chunky for some events. This one struck me immediately. I love it's vintage style square face with it's gold embossed Roman numerals. I was keen also to find one that was jewelled to add extra femininity and glamour and so chose this one that is encrusted with many diamonds. Luckily, as well, it has detachable links in its chain so that you are easily able to adjust the strap size, which is ideal for me, I have to have it on the smallest possible as I have very small wrists.

Watch - Guess

It also came in this sexy little bag with a silk cushion so it can be kept in perfect condition. Much better than most watches that might come in a drab box that doesn't look good to be left out, this can easily be kept on a dresser or bed side table without standing out badly. Beauty and practicality. 

For me the watch is the epitome of elegance, grace and sophistication. I'm so glad I found it! I really think the diamonds add an extra chic feeling and the gold makes it totally ideal for glamorous occasions.

Looking forward to it featuring in future posts!

What's your top tips for designer buying? And what's your favourite watch design?


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