Saturday, 1 February 2014

In my handbag...

The content of a girl's handbag is her lifeline. We carry them around with us everywhere! Although we know you should never look in a woman's bag, here's a sneak peak at some of the things in mine. The secret's out!
Sweetheart Fashion Handbag Content
Sweetheart Fashion Handbag Content

This is one of my favourite handbags that I'm using at the moment. It's from Accessorize's A/W'13 Collection and I absolutely love it. 

My purse is my great love, it's from TED BAKER. You can get a very similar style Ted Baker Purse from here. I've been using it for years as Ted Baker's never go out of style and such perfect quality they take forever to break or look old.

Next to that is my compact mirror from Monsoon. I always take a compact mirror with me in case of emergencies!

Here is another lifeline of mine, my vintage-style Filofax. Although I've synced my uni' calender with my iPhone and iPad's calender etc. I do much prefer to have things written down and it's so handy for writing extra notes and reminders.

In the winter I always take some gloves with me. I feel the cold very easily so I really need them and they look very chic! Mine are from Accessorize's A/W'13 collection and a gorgeous leather and suede style. 
They're so comfortable and keep my hands so warm.

Behind them, although you can't see the label in the picture, are my Prada classes. You can read about them in a previous blog post I did here.

Even though keys are an obvious addition, I thought I'd include them anyway. I have lots of keys and like to have lots of keyrings so that I can find them more easily in my big bags. My favourite has to be my me-to-you bear one, I'm secretly a big fan of me-to-you bears, they're so cute! I got this one as a present for my car keys when I passed my test all those years ago. Next to it is a keyring print of a canvas painting my sister did of my rabbit.

Finally is my new favourite! My new Ted Baker iPad case! It's absolutely perfect and doubles up as an elegant oversize clutch.

And obviously my iPhone's always in there too but it was taking the picture. I have, as you may have seen in previous post photographs, a floral Ted Baker iPhone 5 case from their S/S'13 collection. You can buy one yourself from here.

Are you ready to reveal your secrets? What's in your handbag?

I'll make blog posts on items featured here this month. Which do you like the best?

What to get the look?...
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  1. I do adore that handbag :) xx

    1. Thank you, Nina! It's a wonderful bag :) Highly recommend xoxo

  2. I'm definitely in need of adding a filofax like yours to my handbag!x

    I would be really grateful if you checked my new fashion blog out over at

    1. Hey Polly
      Glad you like my filofax :) They are so handy!
      Thanks for your link to your blog. I love reading new blogs. It looks great! You have fantastic pictures and I enjoyed reading your posts too. Your blog looks really professional!! I cannot believe you've only just started blogging :)
      Best of luck with it, I look forward to reading your future posts

  3. That's such a lovely handbag! & I love your iPhone case too :) can't go wrong with a bit of Ted Baker! Love from a new follower xx

    1. Thank you so much, Kitty :)! Really appreciate it xoxo


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