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Top 10 Valentine's Dresses 2014

Valentine's Day has come round so quick! With it only being a week away, if you haven't got one already, now's the time to be preparing and thinking about what you're going to wear.
Even if you don't have a date planned with your perfect man, why not dress up and go out with your girls? Show how much you love their friendship. Or, dress up and have a fancy girls' night in! Cocktails, dancing and chickflicks?
Whatever you decide to do, do it in style and here are some of my favourite dresses from this season created on my Polyvore:
Top 10 Valentine's Day Dresses

Missguided maxi dress
Phase Eight maxi dress
Missguided dress
£91 -
How to wear prom dress
Coast pink dress

As before it's hard to pick an order! I love that there's such a range or gorgeous dresses you could wear no matter what your  price range or size/shape.

The cheapest featured is actually (and maybe surprisingly!) the ASOS red maxi dress on the far left! It's absolutely stunning and everyone would look drop dead gorgeous wearing it. At just £40 it's a real steal so if you're stuck and on a budget I do recommend looking for this one first.

Very similar price to that is Missguided's black faux feather dress in the top middle. This dress I have fallen in love with and really want to buy! It's very 1920's flapper, Gatsby, style and is perfect if you have a very slender, small frame to give it the 'straight up and down' look that era dictates.

If you're more curvalicious then I highly recommend the two other black dresses. The Missguided's maxi sequin dress on the far right is perfect for showing of your sexy hourglass curves and you will leave all the boys drooling in this sexy but sophisticated show-stopper. The other black dress is a very sexy, off the shoulder black dress from Nelly and I really love this one. The deep sweetheart neckline will show off your boobs beautifully and the ruched skirt will bring in your waist while complementing wider hips.

Another dress that's great for any shape is the Jane Norman dress, second to left. It's a gorgeous dress ideal for anyone on a date and you can accessorise it differently for every season. If it's particularly cold and wintery, a white faux fur/feather such as these would look amazing:

I also love the Needle and Thread sequin red dress in the middle, from ASOS. I'd want to wear this dress to every event and I can really see it making you feel 'a million dollars' when wearing it! It's really flattering and totally glamorous! Plus the deep reds and burgundies make it an ideal Valentine's dress.

Another great Valentine's red dress is the bright red one, top left, from Coast. This has a wonderful lace swirl design at the top which is so elegant and the waterfall pleats in the skirt will definitely make it flow and fall so seductively when worn. 

Also from Coast is the cream and black dress beneath that. It's a little bit more pricey but well worth it. It has a spectacular skirt and the ruched bodice at the top makes it a wonderful and very flattering dress.

Cream dresses are very in this season and this top right cream and gold, lace effect dress, from ForeverUnique is a real dream. It's prom skirt gives great, girly volume whilst pinching in at the waist with an adorable silk bow showing off a tiny waist. And the halter neck gives it a more unique, modest twist to this cute classic.

Last but not least is the red sequin gown from House of Fraser. As you can imagine, this is quite expensive but if you have the cash to splash then this is definitely the dress to spend it on! It's an outstanding, floor length gown that radiates sophistication, elegance and grace, whilst being low enough to show off your collar bones and it has a cheeky see-threw addition over the chest to give a glimpse at your cleavage to those stood close enough. It has a wonderful small fishtail at the end of it's sleek fit to add extra glam to its already sumptuous lace and sequin design. 

What dress will you be wearing?


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