Friday, 20 September 2013

Beautiful iPhone

Following on from my last blog post about the new iOS7 update, here is my promised blog post about how to improve the look of your iPhone. I'm not sure whether this works on iPads etc. too as I haven't tried but I know it works for iPhones.

Here is a screen shot of my phone:

I used an app called Cocoppa. There's countless different styles of icons you can choose from.

To get your phone to have unique icons like mine follow these steps:
First, go to the 'App Store' and search Cocopaa in the search bar. Once you have downloaded the Cocoppa app, you have to download each icon you want individually from that app, so it will take a little while. 
I think I did have to sign up, but from what I can remember you don't give away any personal info and I definitely haven't received any spam e-mails since either, so I wouldn't worry about it. I think it's just to have
an 'account' to favourite what icons and backgrounds you like.
As I mentioned above, there is an endless supply of different styles you can chose from and unlike usual 'theme' changes, you don't download a group of them so each icon is to your chosen liking. I tried to chose icons that were all on a vintage theme and a dreamy, love background. But whatever theme you desire from animals to flowers to gothic, I'm sure there'll be an icon to match your style.
'Popular Icons' (the third strip down on their home page) have some nice ones, or at the bottom, simply search things like 'floral', for some really nice ones.

Personally, I mixed and matched, getting one, max. two icons made by the same person but you might find a person's style you like and so are able just to download a load of similar looking icons from the one person. In which case you click on the icon and then above it, there will be a pink strip with the creator's name on. Click on that and it will take you to all the ones they made.

It's always worth looking at the other ones a person has made because they'll probably have a few styles
on the same sort of theme and maybe have a background to match. If there's a specific icon you like, comment, and I might be able to post a link, most of them are Korean so I struggle to be able to tell you the names to search for. 

I got a flower background by clicking on the 'wallpapers' tab at the top, under the Cocoppa banner, and then searched 'shabby chic', it should be the second one there. And this love background by searching through backgrounds with the 'love' tag.

A warning though, currently some icons won't work, mainly just the icons designed by Apple such as the mail and phone, the icons are on my page for display purposes only. However, the music app will work by using the URL link and typing in: "music://".

Hope this explains everything clearly enough, any questions feel free to comment. 

Enjoy your beautiful new iPhone!

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