Friday, 20 September 2013


Apple have just released their latest innovation in the form of the new iOS7 operating system. Although met with mixed reviews from the critics and lots of bad press from the super long download time, overall it seems to be a pretty big hit. 
Thankfully, my download only took around an hour and not the scary download times seen like 35 hours! Overall, I'm really happy with the result. Although there seems to be a minor glitch in scaling pictures for your background and I personally think the new photo filters are an unnecessary and primitive accessory, I do think it runs a lot faster, smoother and looks a lot more modern. It seems to me that Apple have finally woken up and realised that their main target market is not the business man, but the style conscious youth.

Although I won't be getting the new iPhone5S or C that accompanies this launch as my contract's for another year (after buying the very last iPhone5 available anywhere in my home-town the day it came out); I don't feel like it's too much of a loss thanks to this update. The fingerprint recognition technology does sound very amazing and a fantastic leap for security, but I have found that the iOS7 has encouraged me to get with the times (with regards to safety). I never used to have passwords on my iPhones as I'm neurotically careful with them and felt to be too much of an unnecessary chore. However, the iOS7 makes the experience, dare I say, enjoyable with it's beautiful design for entering your passcode, which I'm sure will help me in the long run.

Really, this iOS7 update has made it feel almost like you have a whole new phone! And it has also completely freshened up the look and feel of my iPad.

Here's a screen shot of my updated iPhone:

Thanks to an app called Cocopaa, I was able to download these icons and make it look even more impressive.
Check out my next blog post on how to use Cocoppa to download beautiful icons like these and make your homescreen totally unique!


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