Saturday, 28 September 2013

Plymouth Vintage Fair

Today I attended Plymouth's Vintage Fair at the Guildhall. Despite the rather awful weather, there was a really strong turn out and it was a huge success! There were over 65 stalls of vintage fashion, crockery, antiques, jewellery and the charity raffle for St Luke's Hospice was lovely. What a gorgeous setting for the fair?! I'd never been into Plymouth's Guildhall before, but I will definitely have to go again. The chandeliers and detail on the ceiling were so beautiful!
I was lucky enough to find a stunning, vintage Burberry coat as I was sifting through the rails, but sadly had to leave it behind as it was five sizes too big for me. 
This is one of the many reasons why it's so worth going to these events! There are plenty of people who collect items to sell, but don't properly look into their true origins, leaving them a steal price for you! 
When I was a child, I stumbled across a rare Beanie Baby worth hundreds (if not more!) for just £20 and have kept it ever since. Who knows how much it will be worth in ten more years?
This is one of the things I brought. It's a wonderful piece that is only, a very cute, 3 inches tall and cost me just £3, it was just far too pretty to ignore. It turns out it was made in USSR by a company called Lomonosov. It's in fantastic condition considering how old and delicate it is.
I also found this stunning, 19th century Coalport cup and saucer in a Rococo Revival style, c.1835. It is in outstanding condition and considering the inside of the cup is so pretty I'm very glad no-one got to it first and turned it into a candle holder!

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