Monday, 9 September 2013

Healthy Breakfast

I had a gorgeous breakfast today!  Always remember to have breakfast, it's so important to kickstart your metabolism when you wake up. As a kid I used to love cereal, not the chocolate or classically covered in sugar types usually sold to children, but nevertheless cereal. Despite eating the assumed 'healthier' types, it was still doing me no good. I would wake up with zero energy and feel like a zombie until I'd eaten, however my energy would not last long after I had finished and by mid morning I needed a snack. Not to mention often getting headaches too.
Now I eat things like yoghurt and fruit in the morning. I have SO much more energy, I don't need to snack and the headaches have all gone. I'm suddenly a morning person! It's also helped my digestion, making me less sluggish.
Now if I go back and try the old cereal I used to have, I find it tastes extremely sweet! Too sweet even! But I never realised at the time.
It's a shame I didn't know about this growing up but at least for the rest of my life I've found a much healthier alternative that works for me.
I personally love the Onken range, separate the pot into three portions so only a couple pots are needed to last the week and they are often on offer in leading supermarkets. They are fat free (or close to for some) and come in a wide variety of flavours and styles so you can mix and match to keep yourself interested. Today, I added apple to my strawberry flavoured yoghurt but I find grapes and strawberries work well too.

Onken Strawberry Yoghurt
Organic Apples
Organic Clipper Tea

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