Sunday, 8 September 2013

All Dressed up for Family Meal

Today I was with my family and we went out for a gorgeous family meal!
Below is a picture of what I wore, I do apologise for the bad quality, my mother's a bit of a technophobe.

Cardigan - Jack Wills
Dress - Zara
Bracelet - Market in China and Tiffany & Co. 
Clutch - David Jones Collection
Ring - Swarovski
Shoes - River Island

The dress was from Zara, brought in Spain a few years ago now but still lovely, the cardigan was from Jack Wills this summer, bracelet from a market in China last year and the other bracelet you can just about make out is from Tiffany & Co. from when I was in New York a couple years ago. The clutch is from the David Jones Collection as a gift, the ring was from Swarovski as a gift from my darling boyfriend and the shoes are from River Island a couple years ago.
I had such a wonderful time, we went to a vintage style restaurant that had a bookcase hiding the door to the bathroom and hand mirrors on the ceiling! They were lovely and even let my gorgeous Golden Retriever come sit inside with us as we ate.


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