Sunday, 1 December 2013

Organic Winter Breakfast

As you may have seen from previous blog post, I usually enjoy organic yoghurt with fruit for breakfast. But in this very cold weather it's nice to have something to warm yourself when you wake up. It's particularly great if you know you're not going to have any lunch. I love to make some organic porridge and add some gorgeous organic honey.

I love that you can actually see the steam coming off it in this picture! I've started using Sainsbury's organic Scottish Porridge Oats which are fantastic. They are a lot more filling and are a lot less like cardboard than many cheaper, packaged brands. I'd always thought it would be easier using the sachets but having them lose is just as easy.

Because the porridge is so filling it might be best to add less than the recommended dose. They recommend adding 4 heaped spoonfuls per person but I found 2 would probably suffice, particularly if you're petite like myself or aren't a morning person. I always use a pan to heat mine up, I don't even own a microwave! It only takes 4-5 minutes so isn't time consuming.

I add some organic milk instead of water to make it extra creamy and thick but water's good if you like it more runny. Even powdered milk works fine too if you would rather. You have to leave it to simmer for 4-5 minutes, depending on how you like it.

Organic Honey - Rowse (Rowse Organic Clear Honey)

When it's ready, pore it out and have it as it is or add something sweet. Sugar or sweetener work well but my favourite thing is to add this gorgeous Rowse Organic Clear Honey . It's the most delicious honey! It's so sweet, you probably only need half a tea spoon!

What's your favourite Christmassy breakfast?


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