Monday, 21 October 2013

Organic Fruit

Something to brighten my Monday mornings, is my wonderful Abel and Cole deliveries!
I'm a major organic lover. After all my biology lectures and taking a home learning course in my spare time in nutrition, I'm always so concious about what I put in my body and I really think organic is the way to go. Sometimes the prices are way too high and it's not always possible to find organic products but I use them as much as I can, where I can.

Fruit - Abel and Cole
Over flowing fruit bowl from today's delivery

Using Abel and Cole has been a really big help for me. Delivered straight to you, they have such a wide range of products, far more than just the usual fruit and vegetables one normally thinks for organic food. They do dairy and eggs, baked good, ready meals like pizzas and, if you eat meat (I'm a vegetarian), they have a wide selection of organic meats too. Where possible it comes from locally sourced farms as well.

Juice - Organic Orange juice from Abel and Cole

They also do drinks as well as household items such as hand washes and cleaning products. They regularly give you free items too! Above is a picture of a free orange juice they gave us once! I've also received eggs, garlic and a bottle of white wine free before, to name a few.

Box - Fruit box from Abel and Cole

What food do you eat to try stay healthy?
I highly recommend these, they are such a lovely, friendly company and reasonably priced too.

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