Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas Girls' Night

The other day my friends and I had a girls' night Christmas style! It's the last time we'd be all together for 2013 so we thought we'd have a get together in style! We all got into our onesies and watched Bridget Jones Diary with lots of gossip!

Onsie - Next

This is my new onesie! It's absolutely amazing! I really love it!! Check out my next blog post where I do a product review...

, Clipper Fairtrade Instant Hot Chocolate and crisps! I love using my beautiful Elizabeth collection cups from M&S! So pretty!

We  also had some lovely J2O Apple and Mango Juice Drink
 but for a more Christmassy alternative you could have J2O Apple and Raspberry Juice Drink

What do you like to have at a your girls' night?


Get some of the items featured in my blog here:

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