Saturday, 14 December 2013

Onesie Review

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Onesie review

"OMG! It's like lying on a cloud!!"

As promised in my last post, here's my onesie review.
This is the onesie I chose and it's been amazing! It's £38 from Next so maybe a little pricey compared to ones say from Primark and other highstreet ones. Luckily I was given a voucher for my birthday so the price wasn't as bad. However, the key difference as often seen with products, with price comes quality and I must admit, if you're looking for something unbelievably comfortable and super warm then the little extra cost is totally worth it!

Onesie - Next

It's made out of fabulously soft fabric so you feel like you're a real teddy bear! And the fabric is the same inside too!! It genuinely feels like you're lying on a cloud!
Unfortunately they only had one two sizes too big for me left which is why it looks ridiculously large on me, I was so in love with it though I just had to get it anyway! But that does mean I can't comment on closeness of fit. However, getting one larger than life does mean that it traps extra air, only adding to your warmth!!

Onesie - Next

It also comes with this fantastic fluffy hood which is sure to keep you even warmer. Most of your heat is lost from your head so having the hood up on your coldest evenings is a definite help...and very fun. It's made of thick, long, faux fur inside and out and is therefore very thick. It even comes with adorable bear ears and tail.

Washing it is fine too. A friend of mine said that she would be put off buying it due to concerns about how it would wash. I've found it to be totally fine to wash though. Tumble drying is allowed and thankfully so, the hood is so thick, even the tail too, that air drying might take a while. Although the hood was a tiny bit wet still at first, the lowest setting is most recommended and that way you don't lose any quality and it doesn't shrink.

If you're looking for ultimate comfort and warmth this winter then this is definitely the one to get!!

Comfort - 10/10
Warmth - 10/10
Price - 7/10
Quality - 10/10
Aesthetics - 8/10

Do you have a onesie? What's your favourite?

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