Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Guilt Free Summer Treat ~ Mango Sorbet

Summer time is definitely ice cream time! If you know you're an ice cream addict but worried about losing or getting further from your bikini body, remember, there's always an alternative. You don't have to miss out, instead try sorbet!
I had always assumed I didn't like it. As a child my mother had only given me her favourite, lemon sorbet, to try and I dislike lemon. I associated it with the sorbet and never tried any of them again, until recently. There are lots of flavours out there and my absolute favourite is mango sorbet.

For just 105 calories and a staggering 0.3g of fat you really cannot go wrong with these. They're practically just purée and ice with the same, if not better, taste! 
You can just sit back, relax and enjoy the summer sun with this treat completely guilt free!

Do be warned though, as you can see from the label, it is a sweet treat so make sure you keep other sugary items to a minimum for the day, to keep the guilt low.

I highly recommend adding fruit to it too! Strawberries with it is so lush and will make you not want to have strawberries on their own again. I also recommend having a scoop of one flavour and a scoop of another. I like to mix my mango with raspberry flavour, that's so lovely!

Keep a look out for these when you're next on holiday. Places in Europe in particular do a huge range, which you just have to try! Rome does THE BEST in the world! And unimaginable flavours! (for ice cream too!)

Do you like sorbet?
Which flavour is your favourite?

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