Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Zara Pastel Heels

Heels - Zara

Here are my new favourite heels from Zara's new SS'14 collection. I love the unique design! I was originally looking for some cute pastel court shoes for a wedding I'm going to this weekend but when I saw these I couldn't resist. They're so chic, clothes with a unique and interesting design always stand out to me. The way they've designed it to lace up, the addition at the back and the curve around the heel gives it a real edge.

Heels - Zara

Although it has come out a more nude colour in the pictures here it looks more dusky pink in reality and would look ideal for all summer outfits! Particularly if you're wearing pastel shades or a lovely floral pattern. They came with an extra heel end too, I really appreciate that as I always go through my heel ends so quickly in heels. It doesn't have a wedge under the ball of your foot and toes unlike a lot of new heels, so although you won't have the extra height they are easier to walk in and make the shoes more comfortable to wear for long periods of time or if you know you'll be standing a lot.

Heels - Zara

Having them lace up at the front with a the light, string lace is a great touch too. It's easy to lace up and feels really comfortable. Zara heels are really well made and so are always very comfortable! Some of their heels are little expensive but well worth the money! Thankfully, these were more reasonably priced, so there should be a cute pair of heels available for any budget.

Where are your favourite heels from?

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  1. Really beautiful heels! I am following you via bloglovin from now :)
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    1. Thanks, glad you like the post :)
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