Friday, 6 June 2014


Fashion is definitely a form of art and when art encompasses fashion the result is chic and beautiful. I wanted to introduce the hottest, chicest puppies around, Netapuppy. I have totally fallen in love with these adorable puppies! I’m sure you can see why.

Artist Hannah Farr, from Bristol, has created these wonderful, doe eyed pooches modelling fashion accessories from high end labels such as Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel and Dior etc. Each has a unique personality and characteristics showing through the painting and are enchanting. 

The picture of the delightful Maltese in the frame is an original, acrylic painting, one of one. I cannot get over how loveable he looks with the flower crown and antlers, plus the pastel colours are so cute and calming. It's a real summery, natural bohemian look and I can definitely see this head piece rocking the couture runways for a floral design. 

These cuties below are prints of the original work but only 5 of these prints are ever made so it's still rather exclusive. Also, the quality of these prints is really fantastic. It's very hard to tell they're prints, even when viewed up close.

The puppy on the left is "Rosie the French Bulldog" and I think she's super cute. She has a striking large flower crown with each flower created in great detail. The rich colours really complement her ebony coat and the addition of a paw gives it charming unique personal touch. You could get lost in this little one's big dreamy eyes.

The puppy on the right is "Pamela the Pomeranian" and she has the cheekiest, happy face that is guaranteed to make you smile every time you see her. She's modelling a wonderful chain lion necklace. Looking at her, you can really image her coming to life and strutting her stuff proudly with this exquisite accessory! There's a real 3D effect to the necklace and you can almost see it shine.

This is just scratching the surface though! Hannah's now created quite a collection of stylish pups! There is a French Bulldog modelling Dolce and Gabbana's ss'14 collection, a Miniture Pinscher modelling Mulberry and an Italian Greyhound modelling next to a Valentino shoe to name but a few of these must have chic dogs. 

You can check them out here on her instagram page  and buy them from her etsy shop:
She's even started painting endearing paper mache hearts and boxes too so there's something for everyone.

You should definitely have a read of Hannah's 'About Me' page too here to read why she started netapuppy and why she loves painting them.

Connect With Hannah 


Please Feel Free to Email with Questions!

Art is copyright © Hannah Farr 2011


Check out her netapuppy page and comment which is your favourite! I truly love them all xoxo

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