Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sleep-in Rollers

Here is how I created my gorgeous curls for the wedding I went to last weekend. For those of you who read my Ted Baker Wedding Guest Outfit post (here) you'll have seen that I had big celebrity style curls. But the secret is that I did it all myself and it was really easy to do. Here's how...!

I used the legendary Sleep-In Rollers. These have been used by celebrities and I can totally see why. They are very easy to use and super effective. I was so pleased with the results!
It recommends that while your is dry you should put them in and despite this being the quicker and easier option, I recommend putting them in when your hair is damp/towel dried. This way your curls will last for days rather than just a few hours.

Before you put them in, you can add some volumising products such as mousse, this will give your hair the extra volume and bounce it needs to look like a celebrity's hair and exude glamour. However, you could just put in your normal everyday products and have a more subtle everyday look like the picture below. My hair was left with gorgeous bouncing curls at the ends and framing my face. It was also how I had my hair for yesterday's Zara Florals post (here) if you'd like to see more pictures of how that looked.
Putting my hair in these rollers was so quick and easy that to be honest I may well do it for most days. The curls would suit any face and look fabulous with a middle or side parting.

*I apologise that the picture appears to have gone grey, I did not edit it to be like this. If anyone can tell me how to get Blogger to stop editing my pictures for me when I upload them, it would be hugely appreciated!*

I must admit too that I was a little sceptical about sleeping in them, imagining it to be very uncomfortable. But it turns out that it was really fine! The first night I tried them then I only stirred a couple times in the night, and I do mean stirred, it certainly didn't wake me fully or result in me struggling to go back to sleep. The second time I used them I didn't stir once. I recommend having a type of neck pillow. I have a small pillow which feels half memory foam, half bean bag, which I rested my neck on and this really helps because it takes less pressure off your head resting on the curls.

Sunglasses - Gucci
Earrings - Accessorise
Top - Zara
Trousers - Zara

Plus, I highly recommend using serum in your hair before putting the rollers in, particularly on the ends as the velcro can make things static and cause your ends to appear to fray. 

Get the Look:
There are lots of different products and types in their range so there's something to suit every budget and hair type.  You can check out their website:
Or you can buy for a discount here:

Have you tried Sleep-in Rollers before? What did you think of them?

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  1. I never tried sleep-in rollers before, but after reading your post I might need to give it a try, my curls always fall down so easily.


    1. I'm glad I've inspired you :) Highly recommend. They really do last days if you do it when your hair's damp and leave them in to dry over night. Let me know how you get on with them! xoxo

  2. Great post, thank you! I've been looking around for Velcro rollers for a while! Thank you!! xx

    1. Thanks :) Really appreciate that you like my post! Hope you love them as much as I, be sure to send me a link of your blogged experience xoxo


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