Saturday, 28 June 2014

Summer Glow - Garnier Self Tan

As you can tell from my OOTD pictures, I have very fair skin. I'm either white or red from sunburn, my skin refuses to tan so I use self tans at summer to take the edge off. Because I'm so fair getting a spray tan would only spell disaster and I refuse to ever use a sun bed as I certainly do not want to damage my skin or get skin cancer. 

The best self tanning product I've found over the years has to be this one, Garnier's Ambre Solaire. It is perfect for building a natural looking, subtly growing tan. It really means it when it says no streaks! You often read it on these products but it doesn't often actually work out like that but this product actually does give an even tone. It doesn't come off in patched either. When you stop using the product it just gradually fades away as smoothly as it came. 

I also love it because of the smell too. There are lots that smell like you're wearing tanning products but this one smells delicious! It smells like apricots and is like wearing a luscious moisturiser.
It's also really kind on your skin. It makes your skin feel really soft and it glows.

It doesn't need to be rubbed in as well, as it dries really quickly, just spray it on and go. I will definitely be using this all summer. After just one or two uses you can begin to see a difference and after using it around every day, in two weeks you will have a beautiful, natural looking tan.

Be warned though, if you have your legs waxed the wax will bring off the tan so allow a day or two to build it up again. 

What is your favourite tanning product?

Get the look:

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