Sunday, 15 June 2014

Ted Baker Flask

 Flask - Ted Baker

Seems as today is Father's Day, I thought I'd do a slightly more masculine/unisex post and review this product from my all time favourite brand, Ted Baker. 
I absolutely love Ted Baker items, their quality is amazing and they always have such beautiful products. I found this stunning flask on ASOS (here) and could not believe it is only £20. The pattern on the front is just breath taking and is actually just a sleeve. This means you're able to remove it easily for washing and will enable the design to last significantly longer! 

Flask - Ted Baker

The design includes real stitching and the label is actually engraved extra fabric sewn on, which all just adds to the quality and shows of the brand's attention to detail. 
Most importantly, it actually works fantastically as a flask. If you it with a hot liquid, the liquid will stay above lukewarm all day. I've found even an impressive 12 hours later for it to still be above lukewarm! I've paid a lot more for a lot less volume and warmth retention quality in the past. For that reason alone I could highly recommend this product. 

Flask - Ted Baker

The cute design makes it perfect for animal loving, chic women going on a camping (or glamping!) trip or even just a majestic walk on the countryside; as well as being rugged enough to look great being used by any man. But if your man would rather something slightly more rugged, there is a matching hip flask available from ASOS too for little extra (here).

Flask - Ted Baker

The lid works perfectly as a delightful cup so there's no need to worry about bringing anything extra with you and instead of the top of the flask unscrewing, they artfully slide up and down to trap and release the liquid. Therefore there's no worrying about trying to hold or losing extra parts when you need to have a drink whilst out, which is majorly convenient! I always feel when camping or hiking that I never seem to have enough hands for everything. 

Do you go camping (or glamping!) or trekking country walks much? What's your key piece?

Check back next week for more of my Ted Baker favourites

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